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To Serve Or Not To Serve

Day 1 – DEFINE IT.

The world will push you to “look out for #1.” The world defines “#1” as you. Serve yourself and you will be successful and valued during your life on earth. The Bible is going to challenge you to re-define your #1 . If you listen, God proves worthy enough to take yourself out of the top spot and look out for “The One” by serving Him. Serve Him and you will be successful and valued for eternity.
Read 1 Samuel 12:24
Who are we supposed to serve? How are we supposed to serve Him?
What reason do you have to serve God? Read the dictionary’s definition of “serve.”


Does the world promote serving? If not, what does the world promote?
Do you serve God or do you serve yourself? Do you serve God or do you serve the world?


The dictionary doesn’t need to put words down next to the word servant.
All they really needed to do was put a picture of Jesus.
Read Matthew 20:28 and John 6:38
What is the Bible’s definition of servant? Without reading another Bible verse, based on what you already know about Jesus, how does He set the standard for the dictionary’s definition of servant? Use the page at the end of this month to write out how Jesus is a servant. Make a list of all the ways the world defines a servant. Write out as many as you can think of (example: waitress, butler). All month you will add to this list.
Does the world make the role of a servant look appealing? Why or why not?

Day 3- WHO

The next few days, including today, you are going to memorize three verses. Think of these as the theme verses for this study. Who?… why?… and how? Let’s start with “whom you should serve.”
Read Deuteronomy 13:4. Memorize this verse today. Write it on a notecard and put it in your car, your locker or any place you will see it to help you remember. Who does the Bible challenge you to serve?

Day 4- WHY

Yesterday you learned “who” you should serve. Consider today’s verse as the theme verse for “why” you should serve God.
Read 1 Peter 4:11 and memorize it.
Why should you serve God? Do you think God deserves all the glory and praise?

Day 5- HOW

Read Colossians 3:23-24 and write it below.
Who, why, and finally… how? You will read many verses that will teach you how to serve God. This verse basically sums them all up. How should you serve God?

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The Ultimate Servant


Celebrities employ people to help them do their jobs. They have agents, accountants, and publicists. A celebrity doesn’t just pick anyone to be his/her employee. If they are a musician, their agent must know the music business. The personal assistant must know their schedule. Their hairstylist must know their style. To be a “servant,” you must learn how to be a servant from the one you serve. You need training. If you desire to be a servant of God then you must spend some time learning about the Ultimate Servant… Jesus.
Read Mark 10:45
What was Jesus’ purpose when He showed up on earth?
Are you humbled that God Himself was first and foremost a servant?
If God Himself was a servant, do you think He wants you to be a servant?


Someone who has a genuine heart of a servant has the right attitude.
Read Philippians 2:3-8
Was Jesus concerned with Himself or others? Jesus was God Himself, but how was He humble? In verses 7-8 what did Jesus do?
God did not have to do anything that He did. Jesus’ home was a heavenly throne. Jesus is God who is all-powerful. He didn’t have to face death. He didn’t have to be bullied by the devil and others on earth. He didn’t have to experience pain… but He did for you.
If Jesus, God Himself, had the attitude of putting others first with humility, what should your attitude be?


Before Jesus went to the cross, He taught His disciples a very important lesson about what He was going to do for them and all mankind. To teach this lesson, He washed their feet. In Jesus’ time, feet were the dirtiest part of your body. In fact, the lowliest of servants washed people’s feet back in those days.
Read John 13:1-17
Knowing the background of “washing feet,” why do you think Peter freaked out when Jesus, the King of Kings, washed his nasty feet?
Read 2 Corinthians 5:21. How did Jesus really clean the nastiness in our life?
What can we learn from Jesus’ example of washing His disciples’ feet?
If Jesus wasn’t afraid to do the “dirty work” of being a servant, how can you be challenged to be a servant and do things no one else wants to do?
Add to your list of how Jesus is a servant on the page provided at the end of this month.


Today you are going to read the story of the gospel. Read the verses and be reminded of the true story of how Jesus was your servant.
Read John Chapters 18-21
Write down all the ways Jesus was a servant.
Re-read John 21:14-17. How did Jesus want Peter to show Him that he loved Him?
A shepherd was a servant who took care of sheep. How did Jesus take care of His sheep? How does He want you to take care of His sheep?


There were two disciples of Jesus who wanted to be great.
When they asked Jesus about it, this is how He responded:
Read Mark 10:42-44
How do you become great in God’s eyes?
If your attitude is always about being first, how should you change it?
Jesus wants His leaders to be different than the world’s leaders. The word “gentile” is understood by His disciples as the “world’s leaders.” A world’s leader is all about greatness and ruling over people. Jesus’ leaders are all about serving people.
Read Mark 10:42-44 again.
What is being a leader in the world all about? Is it about money, fame and power?
If you choose to be a leader for God… what does He want you to do?
How can you apply this your life? How can you apply this to any leadership position you have at school, on a team, or at church?


If you have ever gone on a trip at K-1, you might have experienced an I’m Third Line. The trip food is a favorite at K-1. When the trip men call for dinner everyone runs to get in line for the food, sometimes clawing and pushing to the front. The trip men then explain that the food line is an “I’m Third Line” and it’s always a good lesson for those who fought to be in the front. The trip men reverse the line so the last person in line can go first. “The first shall be last.” It’s a simple way to remember in God’s kingdom, the greatest position to be in is last.

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Bond Servant


Read Philippians 2:5-7
A bondservant is a specific type of servant. The New Testament was originally written in Greek and later translated to English so you could read it. The original word for “bondservant” is the Greek word “Doulos.”
Doulos: (n) the disregard of one’s own interests to be devoted to another.
Re-read Philippians 2:5-7
How did Jesus “disregard” His own interests for others? How do Jesus’ servant-hearted actions affect you? Do you believe that Jesus died for you?


Yesterday you read about Jesus being a “bondservant.” The word “bondservant” can be understood by reading the Old Testament. Over the next few days you are going to read some history and verses from the Old Testament to help you understand what it truly means to be a bondservant.
Here are some reasons a person in the Old Testament might be a servant:
You owed someone a debt. You could have been someone’s servant if you owed someone something and couldn’t pay it back. It was like if you went to a restaurant and couldn’t pay your bill so you washed the dishes.
You stole something. The Old Testament law required you to serve the person you stole from to “right your wrong.” You worked for a certain amount of time and then were free. It’s more like getting community service hours for stealing today.
You couldn’t take care of yourself. In this instance, becoming a servant was a choice. If you couldn’t take care of your family, you could ask a landowner to become their servant. That landowner would allow you to live on his property while you worked for him.
God made it clear that masters were to love their servants and take care of them.
A master was required to do the following:
1. Give freedom when someone paid off his or her debt.
2. Give freedom when a family member paid their debt.
3. Every 7 years, God required a master to let his servants go free even if they hadn’t     paid it back. Their debts would be forgiven.
A bondservant is someone who was given freedom but chose to stay a servant.
This person loved their master so much that they chose to serve him forever.
Read Exodus 21:5-6
Why did a man decide to stay with his master? Did the man have to stay with his master?
What did the man do to show that he belonged to his master?
Re-Read Philippians 2:5-7
How did Jesus disregard his own interests for God’s plan to save you?
How does Jesus show He loves God?

Did you know that God put this law in the Bible as a preview of what Jesus would do? You are a slave to your sin and there is nothing you can do about it. Your debt of sin is something you can never pay yourself.
You can’t do enough to ever pay it. Jesus is the true “family member” that came to pay your debt. Jesus sets you free from your “debt” of sin.


Jesus has given you enough reason to become His bondservant. Here is how:
Do you recognize that you sin and it’s nasty?
Read Romans 3:23. Do you believe that Jesus died to pay the penalty for your sin?
Read 1 Peter 2:24 and 2 Corinthians 5:21
Do you believe that Jesus resurrected from the dead to give you life?
Read Romans 6:23, Romans 8:11, and John 10:10
Do you believe Jesus has given you enough reason to become His bondservant?


In the Old Testament, when someone chose to become a bondservant the master would literally pierce the servant’s ear to mark the servant. Everyone would know that the servant belonged to him. When you choose Jesus, you become His bondservant. You are His. Did you know Jesus puts His mark on you? Ephesians 1:13 says that when you believe in Jesus, you are sealed with the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God lives in you and this is how people know you belong to God.


Ask yourself these questions and read the verses to see if you have good reason to be a bondservant to Jesus. Do you believe that Jesus loves you?
Read Romans 5:8 and John 3:16
Do you believe that Jesus is the only way to salvation?
Read John 14:6 and Acts 4:12
Jesus came to earth, died and rose again to set you free from sin. God planned how you would fit into His plan from the beginning and He gave you life and purpose. He has worked non-stop your entire life to show you His goodness, truth, and salvation through Jesus. He loves you so much that He has given you the freedom to choose Him. Yes, you read that correctly. God doesn’t force you to serve Him. He gives you the opportunity to walk away from Him just like the servants in the Old Testament had the freedom to leave their master who loved them so much. Being God’s bondservant is a choice. Jesus is the only one who gives life, but the choice is still yours. Jesus chose to do it for you. Are you ready to choose to give your life to Him and serve Him? If so, write in large words at the end of this page: I AM A BONDSERVANT… and write a sentence answering why.


This study is going to challenge you to be a servant of God. If you want to be servant-hearted you must learn to serve God first.
Read Matthew 6:33 and write down what this verse says to do.
You have read all the reasons Jesus is worthy of being our Master. For the next 8 months, you are going to learn that you must hold on tightly to Him first and foremost. Once you begin doing this, your heart will change. Once your heart changes, your words and actions towards others will follow.
Read Luke 6:45
The good treasure in one’s heart brings what? How does the mouth speak?
Do you see why serving God must come before serving others?

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Holding On & Giving Up


In Jeremiah’s time, Israel had every reason to serve God, but they chose to serve other gods and idols. They had become servants to evil things. Today you are going to read a true story where God asked one of His servants to do something that seemed crazy. God wanted to teach a man named Jeremiah an important lesson.
Read Jeremiah 13:1-8
What did God ask Jeremiah to go buy? A waistband was made out of linen and it was a modern day belt. What was the first thing God wanted Jeremiah to do with it?
Jeremiah lived around Jerusalem, but where did God want Jeremiah to take the waistband?
After many days what did God ask Jeremiah to do?
What had happened to the waistband? What did God say about the waistband?


Today you are going to take a closer look at the story of Jeremiah that you read yesterday. The lesson from God was that to serve Him you must cling to Him. God is teaching you a lesson through Jeremiah’s example.
Read Jeremiah 13:1-8 one more time
Do you think Jeremiah might have been confused why God was asking him to do something weird? Did Jeremiah obey God every time He asked him to do something?
Did Jeremiah understand why God was asking him to do it? (hint: look closely. God didn’t tell Jeremiah “why” until the end.
Jeremiah lived around Jeruselem and God asked him to go to the Euphrates River 500 miles away. There were no cars or airplanes then so he would have walked or ridden a donkey. Needless to say, his trip would have taken 3 months one way. God asked Jermiah to go two times. He walked or rode about 2000 miles. Jeremiah had no clue why God was asking him to do anything, but he was willing to travel thousands of miles to do what seemed crazy!
Read John 14:15
Do you think Jeremiah loved and trusted God? What can you learn from his obedience?
How did Jeremiah prove he was a bondservant? Do you trust God with whatever He asks?
A true servant is obedient no matter what His master asks of him. This is why you must love God first. True love creates trust. Because Jeremiah loved and trusted God, He used him in mighty ways.


Today’s story is about one of God’s servants who was asked to make a sacrifice… a big one.
Read Genesis 22:1-14
What did God ask Abraham to do? Was Abraham willing to sacrifice his son?
Did Abraham trust God with the thing he loved most?
Did Abraham prove to be a faithful servant?
God tested Abraham to see if he truly was God’s servant. God showed us that Abraham was extremely faithful to God.
Read Philippians 3:8. Do you count all things loss compared to Christ?
Is there anything that you would not give up if God asked you to? Why not?
What is important about the one thing that is hard to give up? Is it more important than knowing Christ?
Abraham teaches us that a faithful servant is willing to make huge sacrifices for God. God’s specific test of Abraham sacrificing his son was a one-time thing. God may not ask the same of you, BUT He will challenge you to give up the things in your life that are not in His plan for you.

Abraham had his son on the altar and God yelled “stop!” and provided a ram to be sacrificed. Abraham didn’t have to put his son to death because God provided the sacrifice. Did you know thousands of years later… on that very same mountain, God provided the ultimate sacrifice through Jesus? God’s plan was never for Abraham to kill his son. His plan was to put to death His Son, Jesus, so all men could be free once and for all.


If you have read anything about Paul, you will know that he was, at one time, a pretty evil dude. He hated Christians so much he persecuted and sometimes killed them. Today you are going to read the true story about how Paul (once known as Saul) decided to believe in Jesus and become God’s servant.
Read Acts 9:1-31
Take notes of all that you learn about what Saul (Paul) was like before and after he met Jesus. What are some ways that Saul responded to his change?
Paul had a serious life changing experience. He went from killing people who shared Jesus to preaching Jesus boldly. Paul is another example of someone who was a bondservant for Jesus. He was living life his own way but when God changed him his life, he got after it for Jesus.
Read Romans 1:1
What does Paul say that He is “set apart” for?
What do you learn from Paul’s transformation? Think through these questions and then go back and insert YOUR name in them and answer them again.
How did Jesus change Paul? Did Paul believe in Jesus?
Did Paul think Jesus was worth changing everything?
What did Paul have to sacrifice? How did Paul serve God? How did Paul serve others?


If you have joy in your heart because of Jesus, then it’s time for you to step into the role as bondservant. It’s time for action.
Read James 1:22
What does God call you to do? As you learn all the ways you can be a servant-hearted follower of Christ, you must never ever forget why you are serving.
Read 1 Peter 4:11. Are you ready to serve? If it’s yes, write down why.


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Consider Others


If you wholeheartedly serve God then there is no way you will not serve others. Jesus taught His disciples about His kingdom and explained doing things for people in the kingdom is the same as doing things for the King.
Read Matthew 25:34-40
How did the people feed the King, clothe the King and give shelter to the King? Does God link serving others with serving Him? If you have no concern for others, are you serving God?
Read 1 John 3:17-18
What is NOT in you if you have no pity for others’ needs? Is your love of God linked to loving others? What are some ways you can love God by loving others?
Here is the deal. King Jesus sees the people in His kingdom as His own. If you help them, you help Him. Do you see why selflessness is so important?


Your service to others should reflect God’s service to you.
Read John 15:12-14
What is God’s definition of a true friend? How does God show you He is your truest friend?
Are you His friend? In other words, are you selfless enough to lay your life down for Him?
Are you willing to lay your life down for others?
It is hard for anyone to give his/her life for another. God wants you to feel the struggle so you understand how much He loves you. The struggle you are feeling was not even an issue for Him. He had no second thoughts in giving up His life for you. Pretty awesome, huh? The crazy thing is just simply laying down your plans, desires, time, or even motives for another can reflect to others what Jesus did for you.
Read 1 John 3:16. How can you “lay your life” down for others in general?
How can you “lay your life down for another” today?


God is so confident that you do well at loving yourself that He simply challenges you to love others as well as you love yourself.
Read Luke 10:27
Who are you to love first? What are the three ways listed that you should love God?
How can you love God with your heart and desires?
How can you love God with your soul? How can you love God with your mind?
How can you love God with your strength? Does loving God require selflessness?


It is easy to ignore God’s requests for you to love your enemies. Before you do, remember that the Bible says, because you are a sinner, when you were without Jesus you were once God’s enemy (Colossians 1:21). Aren’t you glad He loved you despite the fact you were His enemy? Read Luke 6:35. Who are you to love? Who are you to do good to?
What are you motives in doing good to your enemies?
What is God like to His enemies? Why is “doing good” towards an enemy hard? Do you have an enemy? If so, how can you do good for them without expecting anything in return? Did you know that if God knew that no man, ever in all of history, would believe in Him, He still would have done all the work on the cross to save mankind. That is how selfless He is. He doesn’t expect anything in return but He does GIVE you something in return… forgiveness, freedom from sin and eternal life.


Our society throws “love” around so much it has lost its true meaning in the world. Love has become an emotion. The world has simply demoted it to being a feeling. But love is an action. Loving someone is a choice. Loving someone is defined by selfless actions which inspire the highest potential in the one that is loved. In other words, loving another makes them better.
Read 1 Corinthians 13:4-8
Make a list of all the God defined qualities of love.
Looking at your list, take each quality and write down some applicable ways you can actually do these things. Write down general examples and specific ones in your own life.
How do you think you will make an impact for Jesus if you were selfless in all these ways?

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Humble Yourself


Read Philippians 2:2-4
How should you view others compared to yourself?
How does considering others better than yourself help you to be selfless?
Read Psalm 139: 13-14. How are you made?
Read Jeremiah 29:11 and Philippians 1:6
What does God have for you? What has God promised He will complete in you?
Humility is not low self worth. It’s simply recognizing that your greatness comes from something greater. A humble person gives credit to God for the great things they do.
A humble heart sees the value of all people, including their own, as coming from God.


Jesus showed humility when He was tempted by Satan. Jesus could have destroyed Satan with one flick of His pinky finger but He humbled Himself so that He could endure the cross for you. Jesus, the King of Kings, considered YOU better than Himself.
Read Matthew 4:1-11. What were the three ways Satan tempted Jesus?
Read Matthew 4:8-11 again
How did Satan tempt Jesus? Did Satan try to get Jesus to rule the world?
Could Jesus have ruled the world at the moment Satan asked Him to?
How did Jesus show humility? What can you learn about humility through Jesus’ example?


God gave a man named John the Baptist the important role of preparing the way for Jesus. God’s Word calls John the Baptist a “forerunner” to Jesus. The role of “forerunner” was one that was prominent in the days of the kings. The man who was the forerunner would show up before the king arrived and tell his people he was coming. John the Baptist did exactly that. He started preaching about God’s kingdom before Jesus showed up and started His ministry.
Read Luke 1:17. What does this verse explain John the Baptist’s role to be?
John the Baptist’s entire life purpose was to make way for Jesus. To do this, how did John the Baptist have to be humble?
Read Mark 1:4-8. Did John think he or Jesus was more important? How did John show humility here? Was John confident in who He was in Christ?


After Jesus started His ministry, some of the men who had helped John the Baptist were concerned that Jesus was now getting all the attention.
Read John 3:25-30
How did John the Baptist give God credit for everything he received?
Was John the Baptist mad that Jesus was getting all the attention?
What did John the Baptist say that Jesus must do compared to him?
How did John give credit where credit was due? What do you learn about humility from John? Jesus must increase and you must decrease…what are two ways that you can make this happen in your life today?


Read Jeremiah 29:11 and Read Ephesians 2:10
What does these verses say about you?
Are these verses only true for you or did God mean them for everyone?
Read John 3:16
How does God show He loves you? Is this just for you or is it for everyone else?
Read Romans 2:11. Does God favor anyone as better?
To serve God you need to learn to give credit where credit is due. To serve others you need to recognize that no matter what a person’s “status” on earth may be, God loves all men the same. His plan for a person is just as valuable as another. 
Does this change your attitude towards this person? How can you serve this person?

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Practice Selflessness


Selfless acts have two important character qualities: humility and self-control.
The challenge is to learn the value of self-control and then we will dig a little deeper later on this week. Read each verse and take notes:
Proverbs 25:28, Galatians 5:22-23, 2 Peter 1:5-7, 2 Timothy 1:7, Proverbs 16:32
Sum up all the things you learned about self-control.
From what you have read so far, what value does self-control have in serving God?
Do you have self-control? Be specific. Write down areas where you have good self-control and write down some areas where you don’t.


You are human and the normal human tendency is to only consider yourself. Since you are a sinful human, you have to train yourself to be selfless just like an athlete trains to compete. How do you train to be selfless? It’s simple, you practice self-control.
Read 1 Corinthians 9:24-27
What are ways an athlete has self-control? If they don’t have self-control are they able to compete to the level of their potential? What are some general ways you can have self-control as you follow Christ? Are there ways that He asks you to have self-control?


Read Titus 2:11-13
Our salvation comes from God’s grace and it teaches us what?
We are to live self-controlled and godly lives when?
We are to do these things while we wait for what?
Read Matthew 6:20
What are you to “store up”? What are some examples of treasures stored up in heaven?
Most of what keeps you selfish is the desire for the things on earth. God wants you to give up those earthly things that are temporary and focus on what has more value.


God doesn’t give you self-control on a platter. Self-control has to be experienced.
Instead of giving you self-control, He gives you opportunities to practice your self-control.
Read James 1:2-4. Why does God test your faith? What does God test your faith with?
What are some ways that God could test your self-control?
What are some ways that God has tested your self-control? How did you do?
Read Matthew 25:23
What does God say to His faithful servant? If you are called to do everything to please the Lord wouldn’t this be the greatest gift ever to hear?


God gives you opportunities to practice and learn self-control, but He doesn’t leave you alone. He will help you. Read James 1:2-5
If you need help when you are tested by trials, who is there to help you?
What are some ways God is there to help you? What has He given you to guide you?
Who can He use to challenge you with His wisdom?
God tests you with trials but He will not tempt you. It is your adversary the devil who will tempt you to engage in sin.
Read 1 Corinthians 10:13. What does God give you when you are tempted?
Can you handle any temptation that comes your way?

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Real Life Examples

Day 1- PAUL

At the beginning of his life, Paul was living for himself. After believing in Jesus, Paul lived for God. He wrote these words to the believers in Philippi while in prison for sharing the gospel in Rome. Read Philippians 1:20
What was Paul not ashamed of? Who did Paul want exalted in his body?
How does this desire take humility? How does this desire take self-control?
Read Philippians 1:21-26
What was Paul’s view on life and death? Did Paul view his life as living for himself or God?
When Paul wrote these words, he was in prison, faced with death. If he got out (which he did this time), was he going to live his life for himself or others?
Re-read verse 25. What did Paul say he was going to do for others?


Before Paul believed in Jesus, his name was Saul and he murdered Christians. When Paul first started sharing the gospel, the disciples were scared of him and wouldn’t associate with him until Barnabas stepped up.
Read Acts 9:26-27
What did Barnabas do for Paul? Did it take guts for Barnabas to stand up to Paul?
Was it the right thing to do? How was Barnabas selfless?
Read Matthew 7:12
Did Barnabas do for Paul what he would have wanted done for him?
How can you do for others what you would want done for you?
Is there anyone that you need to stand up for? Think about this… what would you want someone to do for you? How will you have to be selfess to stand up for this person?
Read Ephesians 4:29
How did Barnabas encourage his fellow disciples? How did his actions help Paul, his brother in Christ? How did his selfless actions help the mission to share the gospel?
How can your words be encouraging? How can your words lift others up (including those who have bad reputations)?


Jesus tells a story about a man who selflessly helped another. Read it and learn from the Good Samaritan’s example today.
Read Luke 10:30-37
What happened to the man on the road? Who were the two men who passed by?
Write down what God’s Word tells you about them.
List all the things the Samaritan did for the man.
Just to give you a little background to this story, a Samaritan was a person who was a mixed race. If you were a Samaritan you were half Jewish and half Assyrian. Because of this, the Jews viewed Samaritans as outcasts. The man who was robbed and left for dead was Jewish. The Samaritan was helping the very man who probably hated him.
Read Matthew 7:12 and Matthew 5:44
What do you learn about being selfless from the good Samaritan?
How did he love his enemies? Did the Samaritan do what he would want others to do for him? How can you be good to those who persecute you? How can you help those in need?


There is a true story of a man who lived a selfless life and it showed in his response to losing everything he had. His name is Job and if you have a free Saturday afternoon, you should sit down and read what happened to him and how he chose to selflessly trust God with his life and circumstances. You can read about it in the book of Job in the Old Testament.

Day 4- RUTH AND BOAZRuth was a young lady who gave up her life to become a part of God’s people. Ruth was not an Israelite by birth. She married an Israelite when her husband moved to her country, Moab. Sadly, Ruth’s husband died. Ruth had the opportunity to go back to Israel with her mother-in-law and be a part of God’s people or stay in Moab where the people didn’t follow God. In Israel, Ruth would be an outsider and it would be very uncomfortable for her. So she gave up her life and went to live in Israel.
Read Ruth 1:1-16
Ruth was giving up the security the world provided by following Naomi and claiming God to be her God. It would have been easier to stay and gain all the temporary earthly things her country had to offer. Ruth gave up her life for God. She even gave up earthly things. She and Naomi were so poor she had to pick up leftover harvested food, which is the same thing as dumpster diving today.
Read Ruth 2:2-3. How does Ruth give up her life for God?
How does Ruth selflessly serve her older mother-in-law? Ruth was a foreigner living in a foreign land. Do you think life was uncomfortable?
Is being selfless sometimes uncomfortable? How can you learn selflessness from Ruth? How can you give up earthly security and things for God?
How can you serve your family members?

Day 5- APPLY IT.

Memorize Philippians 2:3-4
Make a list of how you can be selfless in these different areas. As you write down things, take note on ways you need to humble yourself or be self-controlled to make it happen.
How can you be selfless in your relationship with God? with your family? with your friends?
How can you be selfless with people at your school or your athletic team?
How can you be a selfless leader?

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What's Prayer All About?


Prayer is our direct line to God Himself. This week you are going to learn about prayer and how it is a vital part of serving God and serving others.
Read Hebrews 4:16
Where are you to draw near? Who gives grace and mercy?
Why do you think it’s called the “throne of grace?”
Read Matthew 27:50-51
What happened to the curtain of the Holy of Holies when Jesus died?
Do you think it’s a privilege to enter God’s throne room?
Are you thankful the grace of Jesus on the cross allows you to be close to God?


If you ever have a job in construction you will need power tools. Think of “prayer” as your power tool to serve God and serve others. Prayer is powerful and it will get the job done in changing your heart and the heart of others.
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
How much does God ask you to pray?
What would your life be like if you asked God for help in all you do?
If you looked to God to help you, do you think you would learn more about what He wants for you? If you looked to Him “without ceasing,” do you think you might start to see things God’s way? If you looked to God in prayer without ceasing, do you think you might start wanting the things that God wants?
After thinking about these things, how can God change you when you constantly pray?


Read James 5:16. What two things should followers of Christ do together?
Read Psalm 32: 5-7. Who do you confess your sin to?
How does confessing it to others help you to confess your sin to God?
According to verse 7, what does God do for you? Confession of sin is a vital practice of a servant of God. Do you confess your sins to others and seek forgiveness?
Read James 5:16 again. Why is praying for others important?
Is there something you need to confess to someone and ask for forgiveness?
Who are some friends you can pray for?


Prayer is for you not God. He doesn’t need any help, but He wants to be there and help you so:
He set up a direct line for you.
Read Psalm 50:15
When should you call on God?
What will God do for you?
Read 1 Peter 5:7
What does God ask you to do and why?
How can you cast your cares on God?
Read 2 Chronicles 7:14
What does God promise to do?
What should you do when going to God for help?
Read James 1:5
If you need wisdom who should you go to?
Does this verse promise God can help?


God wants us to ask for things in His will and plan. If we do then He will give them to us. You may not know God’s entire plan for your life, but if you read His Word you know His will.
Read 1 John 5:14-15. God will hear us if we do what?
Read John 15:7. What does this verse say about answered prayer?
The word “remain” or “abide” used in this verse basically means to spend time with God.
If you do this, does God’s Word say that your prayers will be answered?
List some things you know are God’s will and you should pray for. (Read Galatians 5:22)

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How To Pray


Read Matthew 6:9-13
Praising God first gives you the ultimate attitude check. Simply getting your mind off yourself or your circumstances or earthly things helps put your prayers in perspective.
Read Matthew 6:9. What is the first part of Jesus’ prayer?
Why do you think Jesus puts priority on praising God first before you pray for anything else?
Spend some time praising God in your prayers today.


Read Matthew 6:10
What does Jesus pray for after thanking God?
Asking for God’s will means you are putting aside your own desires for His. Your tight fists that are clamped around what you want so badly all of the sudden become loose as you realize what you want is only great if it’s what God wants. Praying for God’s will can help weed out stuff that isn’t a part of God’s will. Pray for God’s will to happen through you and your circumstances.
Pray for God’s will to happen in others’ lives.
Pray for God’s will to happen here on earth.


Read Matthew 6:11
What does Jesus tell you to pray for after God’s will?
Daily bread represents two things in this verse. The most obvious is food which is a basic need for survival. Jesus teaches His disciples to pray for basic needs in life.
Make a list of all the things that you want to pray for today. Then, circle which are needs and which are wants.


Read Matthew 6:12
What should you ask God for in your own life? What should you do for others?
Read Acts 3:19. What is the value of praying for forgiveness in your life?
Spend some time today asking God for forgiveness.
Read Colossians 3:12. Why should you forgive others?
Pray for the strength to forgive someone and go tell them you forgive them.


Jesus prayed for our forgiveness. While on the cross He did not get angry about what man had done to Him, even the Roman soldiers who were hurting Him.
Read Luke 23:43
What did Jesus pray for the people who put Him on the cross?
What do you learn from Jesus in His prayer for others?


Read Matthew 6:13
How did Jesus instruct His disciples to pray in this verse? Why do you think praying for help with temptation is important? Why do you think praying to be rescued from the evil one is important? Read 1 Corinthians 10:13. What does God promise to do for you?
Read 1 Peter 5:8. What is your enemy doing? What does he want to do to you?
Pray for the following things today:
– Help with temptation in your own life
– Protection from the enemy in your own life
– Help with temptation for someone else
– Protection from the enemy for someone else

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Stories of Prayer


The passage you are going to read today does not say the word “prayer.” But as you read it, pay attention to the effort one man’s friends took to get him to Jesus.
Read Luke 5:17-20
What was wrong with the man? What were his friends trying to do?
What happened when they couldn’t get him in the door? What did Jesus do for the man when He saw the friend’s faith? Did these friends have servant hearts?


If you want to see an example of genuine prayer of a servant listen to Jesus pray in the Garden of Gesthemene. This was right before He was arrested.
Read Matthew 26:36-46
What was Jesus’ first prayer to God?
Does Jesus want His will or God’s will to be done?
Jesus is facing the cross. Does He pray for the things He wants or what God wants?
This is a perfect example of someone who surrenders to God’s will. Jesus was human. He was not looking forward to the pain of the cross, but He was 100% willing because it was God’s will. He knew that if He did not die then no one would be saved.
What can you learn from Jesus about submitting to God’s will. Do you believe submitting to God’s will is what is best? How can you pray for God’s will to be done in your life today?


The Israelites back home were worshipped idols and did all kinds of evil. They did not believe in God and were living the lives they wanted to live. Daniel prayed whole-heartedly for his people and asked God to forgive their sin.
Read Daniel 9:4-19. List all the things that Israel was doing wrong.
Fast forward to today. Is our culture struggling with the same things?
What are some ways that people rebel against God in your country?
Re-Read Daniel 9: 15-19. What does Daniel ask those who don’t believe?
Is Daniel servant-hearted? What can you learn from Daniel praying for the evil people?
Spend some time praying for your country today.
Pray for non-believers to find mercy and forgiveness in Jesus today.


King Solomon took the throne after his father (David) died. God came to Solomon and told him that he would be given whatever he wanted. God was testing Solomon’s heart. See what Solomon asked for.
Read 1 Kings 3:5-12. What did Solomon ask of God? Why?
How is Solomon an example of selflessness? How is he servant-hearted to God?
How is he servant-hearted to others? What can you learn from Solomon?
Read James 1:5. Does God give wisdom to Solomon generously when he asked?
Solomon could have had anything, but he asked God for wisdom so he could serve the people better. He understood what God wanted. How can you change your prayers to be about what is best for others?


Hannah was the mother of one of God’s servant’s named Samuel. Hannah couldn’t have children and was being mocked by another women because of it. Hannah prayed and prayed for a child. She prayed so hard that the priest in the temple thought she was drunk! Read 1 Samuel 1:9-16
Why was Hannah praying so hard? Was Hannah grieving?
In verse 15, how did Hannah describe her prayers? Have you ever poured out your soul before the Lord? If so, how did prayer give you peace?
1 Peter 5:7 asks you to cast your cares on the Lord because He cares for you. Hannah was doing this in prayer and God showed her that He cared for her. He gave her a son named Samuel. How does Hannah’s prayer life show she is God’s servant?
What can you learn from Hannah? Do you thank God when He answers prayer?

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How To Encourage Others


Most people believe God is distant and too big to deal with the details of their life.
It can be encouragement to others knowing He is near and cares.
Read Joshua 1:9
How does this verse bring encouragement to you? another believer?
How can it encourage someone who doesn’t know much about God?


Each day this week, write an encouraging note to a friend.
Let what you are learning help guide what you write.


Believing in someone and giving them the hope to succeed is the most life-giving encouragement. Take the opportunity to tell them they can do it.
Read Philippians 4:13
How does this verse bring encouragement to you? another believer?
How can this verse encourage someone going through a difficult time?
Is there someone you know who could be encouraged by this verse?


Just knowing there is a reason you exist can be the biggest encouragement in life.
It gives you hope that you are significant.
Read Jeremiah 29:11 and Psalm 139:14. How do these verses encourage you?
How can they encourage someone who doesn’t know much about God?
Who can you encourage with these verses?


God has promised to use trials to produce strong character within you. He has also promised there is nothing that He can’t overcome and turn into good. There is never a better time to encourage others than when someone is going through a hard time.
Read 2 Corinthians 4:16-18 and Romans 8:28
How do these verses encourage you? How can they encourage others who don’t know God? Who can you encourage with these verses?


The last four days you have learned some ways to encourage others. Today you are going to learn what will keep you from being an encouraging person.
Read Ephesians 4:29. What should you filter out of your mouth?
Why do you think unwholesome talk is a roadblock to encouragement?
What do you consider unwholesome talk?
Read Proverbs 16:28. What are the two ways words can hurt in this verse?
How do lies hinder encouragement? How does gossip hinder encouragement?
Read Titus 3:2. What should not come out of your mouth?
How can evil words hinder encouragement?
Do you think encouragement can help you avoid quarrels? If so, how?
What should your temperament be with your words? Is being courteous in words and actions encouraging? A true servant-hearted person understands the power of their words. Words can give life or they can destroy. What are your words like towards others?

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There might be a time when you need to confront a brother or sister in Christ because they are choosing to live in sin instead of following God. God gives direction on how to confront and help another turn from their sin.
Read Galatians 6:1
What is the responsibility of someone who is spiritually strong when there is a fellow believer struggling in sin? What should your spirit be when you seek to help that person?
What should you be careful of yourself?
Read Matthew 7:1-5. According to verse 1, you should be careful not to do what?
What should you take care of in your own life before you confront a fellow believer?
Why do you think this is important?
Read 2 Corinthians 5:18-20
How have you been reconciled to God? What ministry has God given you?
What does God call you? According to verse 20 what should you implore others to do?

Day 2- STAGE 01

Make sure you understand that confrontation of sin is for a brother or sister in Christ. These instructions are not for non-believers. Confronting sin in a believer and sharing Christ with a non-believer are two very different things. If someone does not know Christ they might not believe their actions to be wrong. A believer knows the truth and sometimes needs to be gently reminded that they are doing something that is damaging.
Read Matthew 18:15
If your brother (fellow believer) sins, what should be the first thing you should do?
Where do you do this confrontation? Think of all you have learned about exhortation.
How could you use God’s truth to encourage another to turn from their sin?
Think about what you have learned about speaking truth to others this last month.
Should you be quarrelsome or gentle?
Is there a brother or sister in Christ who you feel called to confront?


Read Hebrews 10:24-25
Remind yourself what the goal of any type of encouragement is.
Read Galatians 6:1
Remind yourself what the purpose and goal of confrontation is.
Here are some questions to ask yourself before confronting.

01 Have you prayed about the situation?
02 Does God have a problem with your friends’ actions or just you?
03 Did you seek Godly advice?
04 Are you the best person to confront?
05 Are you confronting in the right place?

Here are a few tips to help you confront a fellow believer. (#85cebb BKG) (#ffffff Font)

01 Open the conversation with encouraging words
02 Share your concern about their sin
03 Share God’s promises and truth
04 Empathize and offer your help
05 If a person turns away from sin, keep encouraging them
06 If a person doesn’t respond well, thank them for listening and remind them again that you care for them and desire the best


Think of a time you were confronted by someone about something you did wrong. What did you learn from it?
Think about a time when you needed confrontation, but no one did.
What could that confrontation have prevented you from doing?

Day 4- STAGE 02 AND 03

After stage 1, if a person continues in their sin read what your next step should be.
Read Matthew 18:16
What is the next step according to Matthew?
If you are truly concerned for someone and after your first confrontation they don’t change, then grab a few more of that person’s friends, ones who have a strong faith, and go back to your friend. The point is for the friend to see that there is more than one person concerned.
Read Matthew 18:17
According to Matthew, who are you to go to next?
Jesus is telling you to get an authority involved. Since you are a teenager, the authority figure could be a youth pastor or a mentor. If the sin is dangerous to the person and others, you need to ask a parent for help.
Re-read Matthew 18:17 again
What is the outcome of no change after confrontation?
God is not telling you to turn your back on your friend. If your brother or sister in Christ chooses to continue in sin, you will need to change your strategy in serving them. You might need to distance yourself so you won’t get caught up in sin, but that does not mean you cannot be a friend to them. If you truly want to serve them, you will patiently serve them in all they ways you have learned and pray for them to recognize their sin and turn to Jesus.


You cannot control how a person responds to you, but if you confront in the right way, God will use your encouragement in His timing. You must remember you will not change a person. God will do the changing of someone’s heart.
Read 1 Corinthains 3:6-7
What did Paul do? What did Apollos do? What did God do?
How does this encourage you in a situation where someone refuses to change?

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Why God Forgives



Read Colossians 3:13. Why should you forgive others?
Christ showed you the deepness of His love through His mercy, grace, and forgiveness.
Read Ephesians 2:1-9
Go back through the passage and make a list of all the ways God is described.
Read the passage again and make a list of all things God did for you.
How were you described before you knew Jesus? Did God serve you by forgiving you? How can you serve others by forgiving them? Think about what Jesus did for one second. He not only forgave your sins, but He has forgiven the sins of every man who has ever lived. He has forgiven the sins of His worst enemies because He is a loving servant.
Take your lead from Jesus and serve others through forgiveness.


God has done the work to offer forgiveness to all men, but not all people have received His forgiveness. Why? Because they don’t really understand how much they need it. They don’t understand how big their debt to God is. Today is a day that you are reminded how big your debt to God is.
Read Romans 6:23. A wage is an earning. What does your sin earn you?
Read Romans 3:10-18
List out how all of mankind, including you, is described because of sin.
On your own terms, does your future seem bright? Are you starting to understand how big your debt is to God?
Read 2 Corinthians 5:21. Who was the one man who was excluded from sin?
What opportunity did Jesus, the sinless man, create for you?


“There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. For the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death.”          
– Romans 8:1-2


Read Matthew 6:14-15. What does this verse say?
Forgiven people forgive. Jesus paid your debt, and now the debts others owe you should pale in comparison. 
Read Matthew 18:23-35. How much did the man owe the king?
What was going to happen to the man because of his debt to the king?
What did the man do? What did the king do for the man?
How did the man respond to the person who owed him a small, measly amount?
What did the king do? What do you learn about forgiveness from this parable?
King Jesus has forgiven you. God’s servants are compelled to forgive because they have been forgiven. If you are struggling to forgive, check your heart to see if you truly have experienced God’s forgiveness. If you have, then start forgiving.


Forgiveness is a very precious gift because it is so rarely given. Mankind is sinful and selfish and because of the character of man, forgiveness is often replaced with revenge, bitterness, and hate. Forgiveness refreshes others because with it comes freedom.
Read Galatians 5:1. Why has Christ set us free? What comes with forgiveness?
Read John 10:10. What has Jesus come to give through the forgiveness of sins?
Read Romans 12:17-21. How are you to live among other people?
How do you treat those who wrong you? God asks you to overcome evil by doing what?
Do you think your forgiveness could open doors for people to experience God’s forgiveness? Because forgiveness is rare, it will be noticed when given. If you are forgiving, then you will absolutely have a chance to point others to God’s forgiveness.


Read Galatians 5:1
Because you are free, how should you be different?
What should you no longer submit to as a servant of God?
True slavery is sin and sin has many different forms.
Read Galatians 5:19-21
According to the Bible, what are the different forms of sin?
Circle the “forms of slavery” that could result from an unforgiving heart towards another.
Can a forgiving heart keep you from slavery?

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Example of Forgiveness

Day 1- JESUS

God planned for Jesus to experience (in the most horrific way) people wronging Him to show us He can give you the strength to forgive.
Read Luke 23:1-34
Using what you have read here and what you have read before about the gospel, how did the people “wrong” Jesus?
Did Jesus deserve to go through what He went through? Did Jesus do anything they accused Him of doing wrong?
Read Luke 23:34
What did Jesus ask God for the people who were wronging Him?
Did Jesus have a forgiving heart? What do you learn from Him? Spend some time today praying for God to help you have a forgiving heart, no matter what happens to you.


Read Genesis 37:18-26
Did Joseph deserve what happened?
How bad, in your opinion, is what Joseph’s brothers did?
How would you have responded?
Read Genesis 45:1-19
How did Joseph respond to his brothers?
Why do you think Joseph did this?
What can you learn about forgiveness from Joseph?
Read Romans 8:28
What does God do in bad situations?
How does God’s ability to overcome anything help you forgive others?
Joseph was able to forgive because he realized it was God’s plan for him to go to Egypt. If you trust God can use any situation for your good and His purposes, it will be easier to forgive those who wrong you.
What do you learn about forgiveness from Joseph’s example?
How can you apply it to your life?


Read the entire story about Joseph and how God used tough circumstances to get him where God wanted him to be. 
– Genesis 37, 39-45


King Saul spent most of his time as king trying to kill David. Saul eventually died and David became king. It would have been totally natural for David to be unforgiving to any of Saul’s family who was still alive. He could have held a grudge, but look what he did.
Read 2 Samuel 9:1-11. How did David treat Saul’s grandson?
Read Leviticus 19:18. What does God ask His people not to do?
Have you ever held a grudge against someone associated with the person who wronged you? Does God ask you to forgive those people?
Read Ephesians 4:31-32
What does God ask you to put away? Do you think putting away these things helps you forgive? Is there anyone who you hold a grudge against because they associate themselves with someone who has wronged you? How should you respond to them?


Read Luke 15:11-24
How had the son wronged the father? How did the father show his son he had forgiven him? What can you learn from the father? How does what the father did for his son reflect what Jesus will do for you? Sometimes people will wrong you and there will be nothing you can do about it. The son shamed his father’s name through a sinful life and was living a life of true disappointment to his family. It was clear in how the father responded that he had a forgiving heart. He loved his son so much that his return was enough. People may wrong you and sometimes the right reaction is to let people live how they want to live. If you are truly God’s servant, you, like the father, will be ready and waiting to forgive before they decide to say, “I’m sorry.” What do you learn about forgiveness from the father’s example? How can you apply it to your life?


In Jesus’ time, an adulterous women could be stoned for her unfaithfulness.
Jesus shows others that there is no degree of sin that He will not forgive.
Read John 8:1-11
What did Jesus do when they were trying to stone the women for her sin?
Did the people who had stones in their hands sin?
What happened? Did Jesus have a right to condemn her? What did Jesus do instead?
Read Romans 12:19. Who will avenge evil? Should you avenge evil? Why not?
Read 2 Peter 3:9. Why is God, who has the right to condemn, slow to anger?
What do you learn about forgiveness from Jesus’ example?

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How To Forgive


Read Luke 6:35-37
What does God ask you to do towards your enemies?
In verse 35, what are a few practical ways you can love your enemies?
Are you to forgive them for something in return? Who will reward you?
According to verse 36, what is a character quality a forgiving person must have?
Who are some enemies of yours? How can you love them today?
Are you able to do so knowing that you might get nothing in return from them?
How can you be merciful to them today?


Read Romans 5:8
What did Christ do for us and when? Did God have a forgiving heart before you received your forgiveness from Him? How do you forgive before hand?
01 Pray for God’s help.
Read Philippians 4:6-7
How can God help you according to this verse?
How is the peace that God gives you described?
What will God’s peace do for you?
02 Trust God to turn bad to good.
Read Romans 8:28
How can letting God take control help you forgive?
How can trusting God’s plan help you forgive?
03 Start praying good things for the other person.
Read 1 Timothy 2:1-3
According to this verse, why should we pray for all people?
Does living a peaceful life start with a peaceful heart? Explain your answer.


After you have forgiven someone who has wronged you (whether they have asked for it, or you simply decided in your heart to forgive them), do something nice for that person this week.


Read Matthew 18:21-22
How many times is a brother supposed to forgive a brother?
What point is Jesus trying to make here? Jesus gives this large number to teach His disciples that there should be no limit to their forgiveness of their brothers and sisters in Christ. This does not mean you should let people walk over you and pull you down.
Jesus is asking you to have a forgiving heart.
Is a limitless forgiving heart hard to do? Do you need Jesus to give limitless forgiveness? How many times have you disappointed Jesus? Is Jesus always willing to forgive?


Give forgiveness when it needs given, but also ask for it when you need it.
Read Matthew 5:23-24
What does God ask you to do before you give God something?
Why do you think God wants you to ask for forgiveness from others before you serve Him?
Sometimes we think we need to be perfect little Christians, but God knows that you will make mistakes. There is more value in someone seeing you be sorry for your mistakes, than sweeping them under the rug and pretending you’re perfect. It’s hard to swallow your pride but if you humble yourself and seek forgiveness, you can teach others about forgiveness.


Read Luke 9:62
If your attention is always on the past, what could happen to your future?
Read Philippians 3:13
What is the value of leaving the past behind and pressing forward to what is ahead?
How does this verse apply to forgiving others?
How does this verse apply to moving on from sin have been forgiven of?
God wants your past to fuel you, not hinder you. Your past is fueling you if you are learning from situations as they happen and moving forward. Your past is hindering if you are always turning to dwell in it. Is there something in your past that you are living in daily?
What forgiveness needs to happen to start moving forward?

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Start Forgiving


Have you truly experienced God’s forgiveness? If not, spend some time today asking God to forgive you of your sins. If you need more direction, seek out a godly mentor or family member to walk you through this. If you have experienced God’s mercy and forgiveness, then take some time today to thank Him for forgiving your sin.


Read Matthew 5:23-24
If you have done something wrong to another, spend some time today praying and asking God for courage to ask for forgiveness. When you are ready, seek the person out and genuinely ask for forgiveness. Remember you can’t control their response but the right thing to do is say “I am sorry.” Write how you will ask for forgiveness.

Many people avoid forgiveness and try to ignore a situation or run from another person. No matter how hard you run, until you forgive you are still chained to the event or circumstance. This will constantly give you opportunities to grow in bitterness and hate. Forgiving cuts the chain that is holding you from moving on and keeps Satan from having a hold on your heart.


Read Luke 23:24
Has someone wronged you that is not seeking forgiveness who you need to forgive in your heart? Pray for God to help you forgive them even though they don’t want your forgiveness.
Is there someone who does not know they need Jesus? Pray that they would recognize that they need Jesus’ forgiveness.
Pray for your school, city, state, and country. Ask God to forgive their sins, even though they don’t know they are sinning.


Read Ephesians 4:31-32
Is there someone who has asked for forgiveness, but you have not given it? Spend time praying for God to give you courage and direction. Then, seek out that person and forgive them. If you have already said you have forgiven someone, look deeply into your actions. Do you act like you have forgiven them? If not, what actions need to change? Pray that God would help you see what needs to change and then do it.


Read Luke 15: 22-24
Spend time thanking God for how He has forgiven you. If you have forgiven someone, write them a note about how much they mean to you and how you are glad your friendship/relationship can move forward. If you have received forgiveness from someone, write them a note telling them how much they mean to you and thanking them for giving you a second chance.


Your challenge is to do 5 acts of kindness today. At least one of these acts of kindness needs to be with family and one towards an enemy. Don’t do it because people are looking. Do it because it’s what God does for you.

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A Giving Heart


Read James 1:17
List everything that is good in your life. According to the Bible, who gave you these things?
Read Matthew 7:9-11
What do earthly fathers do for their children? What is the point that God is trying to make with this analogy? Does the Heavenly Father give the best gifts?
Read John 3:16-17
How is God the ultimate giver? How can you show others that God is a giving God?
His servants have the opportunity to promote their Savior as he or she humbly gives to others while crediting God for doing the giving.


Read 2 Corinthians 9:7
What are reasons not to give? What should your attitude be in giving?
The original Greek words used in the writing of this verse can help you understand how you are not to give.
Purpose (or decided): Proaireomai: to choose for oneself
Reluctant (or grudgingly): Lupe : painful or annoying
Compulsion: Anagke: duty or requirement
Re-Read 2 Corinthians 9:7 using these definitions.
What are some examples of giving because you have to? What are examples of giving just because you decided to give? What does it look like to be a joyful giver?
Think of the last time you gave someone something. What was your attitude in giving?


God promises you that having a giving heart cannot only benefit others but yourself.
Read Deuteronomy 15:7-8; 10 –11
What should you do for your brother? According to verse 8 what should you give your brother? According to verse 10 what will the Lord do for you?
Read Acts 20:35
Do you believe this verse to be true? Why or why not?
Read Hebrews 13:16. What is pleasing to God?
Read Proverbs 19:17. Who are you lending to when you lend to the poor? Who will repay you for that deed? The greatest blessing in life is getting to physically be the hand of God at work. God doesn’t need to use you, but He wants to include you in what He is doing.
The blessing truly comes from you getting to see God provide for others’ needs.


Your attitude in giving should be with a cheerful heart. Your motive in giving should be selfless.
Read James 1:27
What is pure in the eyes of God? Why do you think God singles out widows and orphans?
The widows that James is talking about in this verse literally had nothing. The same is true for orphans… even today. Orphans have no family, provision or future inheritance. God says if you are helping orphans and widows your heart is pure because widows and orphans can give you nothing back. In all giving, God wants you to give without expecting anything in return. Have you ever given a gift and expected one in return?
What are some ways that you can give without expecting anything in return?
Read Matthew 6:1-4
What are the wrong motives for giving? How does Jesus ask you to give?
If you give in secret, are you looking for the credit?
As God’s servant, you do have the responsibility to give because God has given to you. If you are genuinely motivated by the goodness of God, it will be easy to give cheerfully without expecting anything in return.


Helping people in their time of need can happen in many different ways. Here are the different ways you can give to people.
Read Deuteronomy 16:17
What should you give others? Where does your gift come from?
Read James 1:19
What should you be quick to do? How can you give someone a listening ear today?
Read Proverbs 11:14
What happens when there is an abundance of wise counsel?
How can you give someone godly advice or wisdom? Where does it come from?
Read Luke 3:11
What does this verse say about sharing and giving your possessions?
Do you have two of something that you can give to someone who has none?
What does this verse say about giving others food?
Read Proverbs 3:9. How can you honor the Lord with your money today?
Read 1 Timothy 2:1. How can you give up time in your day to pray for another today?
Giving comes in different forms, but it should always stem from the blessing that you have been given by God.

The World’s Economy Break Down:
37% of the world make less that $935 a year
38% of the world makes between $936-$3705 per year
9% of the world makes between $3706-$11455 per year
16% of the world makes $11456 or more
It’s easy to think you don’t have enough money or things, but most of the world has less than $11455 to make ends meet. Chances are, your family is in the 16%. It’s easy to think you need more money or more things, but looking at these statistics do you feel blessed to have what you have been given?

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God Will Help

Day 1- JESUS FEEDS THE 5,000

Read Matthew 14:14-21
Spend the end of your quiet time today thanking God for being so amazing.
Write out a prayer that you would get to experience His unexplainable greatness and power to meet others’ needs through you.


Read Matthew 14:14-18
What was the need that the disciples brought to Jesus? What was the disciples’ suggested solution? What did Jesus want them to do?
What was the disciples’ response? What were the disciples worried about?
Jesus asked His disciples to give food to the multitude of people and the disciples looked down on the little they had and thought, “we don’t have enough.” These men had already watched Jesus do many miracles yet they were concerned with what they didn’t have. It is easy, when God asks you to give, to think that you don’t have enough. How are you going to make your ends meet? If God has asked you to do it, simply “bring it to Him” and watch God make it more than enough. Have you ever been worried about what God has asked you to give because you didn’t see how it’s possible?
Do you believe that God is more than enough to provide for any need?
What did Jesus’ disciples learn from feeding the 5,000?
Do you now understand why He might give you tasks that seem impossible?

(#e2e319 BKG) (#ffffff Font)

According to the research of the Barna group, a Christian research organization, the people who are financially “at ease” are willing to give the most. As believers we have every reason to be financially “at ease.” Yes, believers need to get a job and be responsible with their money, but your “financial ease” comes from trusting God to provide for your needs. You have more reason to have “financial ease” than the wealthiest man on earth because you have God on your side. Read Mathew 6:25-34.

Day 3- THE GIFTS TO GIVE COME FROM ABOVE (#85cebb BKG) (#fffffff Font)

Read Matthew 14:19
What did Jesus do first after the disciples gave the loaves of bread and fish to Him?
Where did the abundance of food come from?
Read Romans 11:33-36. What does this verse say about the riches of God?
Do they ever run out? What comes from God?
Read James 1:17. Where do good gifts come from according to this verse?
If God has asked you to give something you don’t have, where should you go to get it?
Is there something that someone needs and you don’t have the resources to give it?

Day 4- FILL UP WITH JESUS (#ffffff BKG) (#96bfe6 Font)

Read Matthew 14:19
Whom did the disciples get the food from to give to the people?
When their baskets were empty, where did they go to get a refill?
Giving takes time, energy, and sacrifice. If you try to give from your own strength, you will burn out and have nothing left to give. When you serve God in any way, you must make sure you are getting filled up with Jesus before you give what you have to others.
Read Isaiah 41:10. What does God do for you? What happens when you try to do things out of your own strength?
What are ways that God can “re-charge” your battery when you are giving to others?
Have you ever tried to do things in your own strength? What happened?

Day 5- GOD WILL PROVIDE FOR THE GIVER (#ef4043 BKG) (#ffffff Font)

Re-read Matthew 14:14-21. How many fish and loaves did they have to begin with?
Was this enough for the disciples to eat?
Did the disciples have to give all they had to eat to feed the people?
How many baskets were left?
Jesus showed the disciples that God will provide for those He asks to give up what they have for others. The men gave God all the food they had and Jesus was able to provide a basketful for each disciple to eat. Jesus is not telling us He will give you earthly wealth because you give a certain amount. He is just simply showing that He will always provide for the giver as the person gives all he or she has.
As you give to others, do you believe that God will provide for you?
Are you holding back a gift because you don’t know how God will provide for your needs?

CHECKPOINT #2 (#00718f) (#ffffff Font)

Great Job! Email us at so we can keep track of your progress. In your email, please include:
First Name
Last Name
Kamp you attended last summer
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Kamp you plan on attending next summer
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Title of the Book
One thing you learned
Parent’s Name
At Kanakuk, we will honor everyone who has completed all 3 checkpoints at closing ceremonies
Checkpoint 2 of 3

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Learn By Example


Read Luke 21:1-4
What did Jesus see the poor widow do?
How did Jesus compare her giving to the giving of the rich? How much did the widow give to God?
The widow showed up at the temple with all the money that she had. She left the temple with no money because she had given it all to God. She loved God so much that she wanted to give Him everything. The amount you have does not matter to God. The heart you have in giving is what matters most to Him.
What do you learn from the example of the poor widow? How can you give your all to God?


Read Luke 10:30-37
What did the Samaritan do for the man on the side of the road? Did the Samaritan give to the man because he had to? How did the Samaritan fix the man’s wounds?
Who rode the Samaritan’s animal? What did the Samaritan do for the man at the inn?
The Samaritan’s compassion allowed him to have a giving heart that went above and beyond without expecting anything in return. What can you learn from the Good Samaritan? How can you have compassion for people in need?
How can you go above and beyond without expecting anything in return?


The Roman government was in charge during Jesus’ time.
The Romans had implemented taxes on the Jewish people and a few men wanted to know if Jesus, because He claimed to be an authority from God, needed to pay taxes to the Roman authority. Read how Jesus clearly stated that you must give what the ruling government asks you to give. Luke 20:20-26


Re-read Luke 10:30-37
Who were the two people who passed by the man on the road?
It doesn’t say why they did, but can you guess any reasons why they might have passed him by without helping?
Even though the culture was different back then, the heart of man was still the same. What are some reasons we don’t stop to help people in need today?
Read Matthew 25:30-40
Who are you really helping when you help others in need?
What do you learn from the mistakes of the priest and Levite who had no compassion for the man on the road? Have you ever done something like this before? What are some ways at school that you can help others who are in need?


Read Genesis 22:1-14
What was Abraham willing to give God when asked?
Think of your most valued possession. Are you willing to give it to God?
What do you learn about being a willing giver from Abraham?
What kind of faith does it take to truly be a willing giver?


There was a plague in the land of Israel and King David wanted to buy land and animals to make an altar of sacrifice to God for his people. He wanted to give freedom to his people from the plague and knew he had to go to God for help.
Read 2 Samuel 24:18-24
Whom did David go to to buy the land and things for the altar and sacrifice?
How was Araunah a willing giver? David came to purchase but what was Araunah’s response? What can you learn from Araunah about giving what is needed for God’s purposes?
Did David take the items as a gift? Why did David want to buy Araunah’s property and supplies? Araunah was excited to give to the man who was leading God’s people.
What are some ways that you can give to those who are doing God’s work?
David’s heart was to give God his best. Have you ever given something that cost you something? Maybe it wasn’t money but it could be time or an opportunity.
What do you learn from Araunah’s heart? What do you learn from David’s heart?

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Go Above And Beyond



Read Matthew 5:38-48
The Old Testament law required equal payment when someone wronged you.
How did Jesus change it up?
If someone hits you on the cheek, what should you give him? If a man sues you and asks for your coat, what should you give him as well? If someone makes you go a mile, how far should you go? How did you see this lived out at Kamp?


Read Luke 19:1-9
Did Zacchaeus have money to give? How much did he give of his earnings?
How much was Zacchaeus willing to give if he had wronged somebody?
Did Jesus ask Zacchaeus to give back four-fold to those he wronged?
Did Jesus ask Zacchaeus to give half of his earnings? What can you learn about giving from Zacchaeus? Zacchaeus was willing to give before anyone asked him to give.
He had much so he gave much. Jesus valued Zacchaeus’ faith and character.


Read Acts 4:32-35
What were the believers doing to support the apostles needs? Were the needs met for the church and the people?
How did people view their own possessions and money? Do you believe your money and possessions are yours or God’s?
Read 1 Corinthians 10:26
What does this say about the earth and all that is in it? Did believers in the early church understand who owned their possessions?
If the things that you own and your money is God’s, then how should you be using it?
Imagine how generous you would be if you viewed your things as the Lord’s and saw yourself as the person He has asked to take care of it. Not only would you have a giving heart, but you also wouldn’t be so consumed with money or things.
Think about how you use your money. Does it honor God? Look around your room and look in your bank account. How can you be more responsible with God’s money?

Partial obedience is considered disobedience to God. Is there a way you are being partially disobedient today?


Read Acts 5:1-4
What did Ananias and his wife Sapphira do wrong? What did they hold back for themselves? How did they lie to Peter? Did they make it look like they gave their all?
In this context, God had asked Ananias and Sapphira to sell all their possessions and give it all to the apostles for the church. Ananias and Sapphira were holding out on God. Their heart was selfish and they were deceitful.
If God asks you to give your all and you give part of it, are you being obedient?
Do you think God knows if you have not given your best or your all?
Who misses out when you hold back on God… you or God? (Think about this because God doesn’t need anything from you. He can do anything with or without you, but He would rather do it with you.) Are there any ways that you are “holding out” on God by not giving what He has asked of you? Is there anyway you are “holding out” on God by not fully giving what you could to another?

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Love and Faith


Read 1 Timothy 4:12
What are the four areas that you have the opportunity to be an example to others?
Does it matter how old you are?
Read Ephesians 3:17-19
Look back on your life and think of people who were an example of faith in God to you.
What did you look up to them for? What did you learn by watching them?


Read Hebrews 11:1
What is the definition of faith according to this verse? Has anyone been an example to you of being assured of the hope God promises in Christ?
What are ways that you can be an example of how God gives you hope?
Has anyone been an example to you of being confident in what they cannot see? How?
How can you show others that you are confident in God?

Read Ephesians 2:8-9
Is your faith based on your works or God’s works? Has anyone shown you what it looks like to have faith in God that has nothing to do with works?
How can you show others that your faith in God is what motivates the work you do? Has anyone shown you what it looks like to do things for God because they have faith in Him? How can you show this to others?


Read Romans 5:8
How is love defined by this verse?
Has someone been an example to you by making sacrifices for the people they love?
How can you show others what true love is?
Read 1 Corinthians 13:4-8
How does God’s Word describe what love looks like? Has someone been an example to you of how the Bible describes the character of love? Think about your relationships now with your family or friends. How can you be an example of true love?


You have the opportunity to prove that God is real and is good. If you can’t match your words with your actions, you will convey that God is just an opinion and not a way of life.
Read Matthew 15:7-9
What are the men doing with their lips? What are they doing with their hearts?
Have you ever known anyone to do this before? How did their inconsistent words and actions affect you? Have you ever done this before?
The words of God bring life. The teachings of men apart from God bring death. If you speak God’s Word yet live a worldly life, you are teaching others through your actions that the ways of the world is better.


There are no neutral examples. You can’t live life in a hole where no one will notice.
You will either be a good example or a bad example.
Read 1 Corinthians 15:33. What does bad company do for your character?
How does someone, choosing to live life their own way, affect another person’s character?
Has your character been corrupted because of a bad example?
Have you ever been a bad example?
A millstone was a very heavy stone that would cause you to drown if thrown in the water. This is a harsh word from Jesus, but in it you see how much He values people. He does not want people to be confused about who He is. He is their Savior and bad examples can distract people from recognizing Him.
In what ways are you hurting others, instead of serving them by being a bad example?

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Example In Conduct


Read Titus 2:6-7
What are you to urge those younger than you to do?
Why is the example of self-control important for your peers?
What value does self-control have as a part of your character?
Has anyone been an example of self-control to you? What did you learn from them?
In what ways can you be an example of self-control?


“Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.”
– 1 John 3:18


Read 1 Peter 2:12
How are you to keep your conduct? Why does God ask you to do this?
Read John 15:18
As a believer, why are people against you? Are evil doers are God’s enemies?
Do you understand why they are your enemies, too?
Honorable conduct doesn’t keep you from having run-ins with evildoers. It gives purpose to why you might have an encounter with someone who opposed God. God doesn’t want you to give your enemies a reason to oppose you. Yes, the gospel message can be offensive but that does not mean the actions of the messenger need to be offensive.
Read Philippians 4:8
What are the ways that you can set yourself up to do honorable things?


Read Proverbs 24:1-2
What does God ask you not to do?
Read Romans 6:23
What do you earn for sinning?
Read Isaiah 59:2
What does sin do to you?
Read Isaiah 13:11
What will God do to sin and evil?
Do you believe God is trying to protect you?
Do you believe Satan wants to lure you out from under God’s umbrella of protection?
After all you have read, does sin look more fun and enticing?


Read 1 Corinthians 11:1
In his letter to the believers in Corinth, what does Paul ask them to do?
What will Paul be doing when they follow him?
Read Philippians 3:17. What does Paul ask the church in Philippi to do?
Read John 13:15. What does Jesus say to His disciples?
Paul wasn’t prideful, he just knew that people needed an example. He was doing just what his Savior had done when he was on earth with His disciples. Asking people to watch you live out your faith is a huge responsibility, but it is the most impacting way you can serve another person. How can you be an example?


Read 2 Corinthians 12:9. What does God’s power do within you?
Read Luke 10:27. What comes before loving your neighbor?
Read Matthew 6:33. Who should you seek first? What will follow when you do?
Being an example in all you do can be overwhelming, but God is there to give you strength. Remember that if you are focused on Jesus, it will come naturally.

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The word “edification” means building others up. Do your words build others up?
Read Ephesians 4:29
What are the types of words that should not come out of your mouth?
How can your words be more encouraging to your family?
How can your words be encouraging to friends?
How can they encourage people you interact with at stores and on the phone?


Read Colossians 3:12. As a child of God, how are you to act towards others?
What can kindness do for your example?
Read Proverbs 31:6. Even in teaching others truth, what should your temperament be?
Read Zechariah 7:10. God is not telling you to judge others. He’s talking about making decisions based on truth and fairness. How can being faithful in truth reflect kindness?
How does kindness to everyone help you make fair decisions when you are in a position of authority?
What do you need to do in your life to be kind to all people?
How can you be more kind to your family? How can you be kind to strangers?


Proverbs 19:1. Why do you think this verse is true? Do you value honesty over wealth?
Read Proverbs 11:3. How can honesty guide others? How can lies destroy others?
Read Matthew 5:7. What are ways you can ensure you keep your word? Do you think overcommitting yourself can keep you from keeping your word? If you were a person who kept their word, would others trust you? If others trusted you, would they follow your example? If they follow your example, will they see Christ?


Gossip will hurt others and destroy your example. There is no way around it.
Read Psalm 52:2. How is gossip plotting destruction of others?
Read Hebrews 10:24. Does gossip accomplish what God asks you to do?
What if you are not the one gossiping? What should you do if you are in a situation where you could listen to gossip?
Read Proverbs 18:8
Why is gossip fun? Why is gossip hard to stand up against?
How can gossip hurt another person? How can gossip hurt your example?
Read Luke 6:31
Do you enjoy it when others gossip about you? Are you gossiping in any way?
How could you prevent gossip from happening?


Read Mark 16:15 and Matthew 28:19
What does God want you to do? How can you be an example to other believers on how to share the gospel?
Read 1 Peter 3:15. What does this verse tell you to do first? What are you to be ready for? How should your temperament be when you share the gospel?
Romans 1:16. What should you not do? How can your example of sharing Christ with others show there is no reason to be ashamed of the gospel? How should you respond when someone doesn’t say “yes” to the gospel?

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As God’s servant, you have the opportunity to be an example of a person who pursues purity in all areas. Impurity is sin. Sin takes on many forms, but God is the only one who can give you a fresh start.
Read Psalm 51:10. What does God do for you?
Read 1 John 1:9. What does God cleanse you of? What is described as purity?
Read Romans 113:14. What does God ask you to do?
Why does He ask you to “put on Jesus Christ as Lord?”
Christ paid for your sin and His life can show you how to live without sin. Do you look to Christ to help you live a pure lifestyle? Do you think the desires of the flesh can hurt you?
Read Matthew 5:8
What is the blessing of purity? If sin is out of your life, can you see God more clearly?


Read 2 Corinthians 5:17. If you believe in Christ, should your life look different?
Have you changed since accepting Jesus?
Read Colossians 3:5
What are the different things you should put to death within you?
Why do you think sin, when it’s defined a little more in these areas, is destructive?
Read Proverbs 16:25. What is the result of the ways that seem good to man?
Does God want you to miss out on eternity?
Read Titus 2:12. As a believer, what should you get rid of? What should you pursue?
Read Romans 12:2. What should you not conform to? What should transform you?
A servant of the Lord is different than the world. If you still look like you’re in bondage, you are missing an opportunity to show someone the freedom Christ gives.


How you act is truly a reflection of what occupies your mind. If you want to be God’s servant and live as an example to others, you have to watch those thoughts.
Read Luke 31:24. Why should you watch yourself? What happens when you are consumed with the things of the world? How do you act when you are consumed by emotions? Why do you need to guard your thoughts?
Read Colossians 3:2. Should your mind be on earthly things or things that are eternal?
Read Matthew 5:28. What does God say about lustful thoughts?
If your actions come from what occupies the mind, why are lustful thoughts dangerous?
Read 2 Corinthians 10:5. What does God ask you to do?
What are some ways that you can take your thoughts captive?


Read Proverbs 21:2. Does the Lord know your heart and motives?
Philippians 2:3. What should not be your motives? What should be your motives?
Read Colossians 3:23. Who’s approval are you seeking?
Read 1 Timothy 1:5. What should your motive be in all you do?
Are you doing what your doing with a pure heart? If there are sinful desires involved, you are not motivated by a pure heart.
Do you have a good conscience for what you are doing? If guilt or shame is involved, then you are not doing things out of a good conscience. If there is hesitation for any reason, that is the Holy Spirit asking you to make sure of something.
Is what you are doing growing your faith in God, or does it hinder it?


Letting God have control of your physical desires will protect you and others. You may miss out on what everyone else is doing, but you will avoid the shame, guilt, hurt, and emotional scars that come from sexual impurity. The world needs examples in the area of sexual purity. Are you going to step up?
Read 1 Corinthians 6:18. What is the verb God uses to describe how you need to deal with the temptation of sexual impurity? Who lives in your body?
If God is living in your body, do you think you are honoring God’s temple by choosing to give your “all” to someone else? Why do you think God says flee?
Do you think God knows what kind of power the sexual experience can have over you?
Read Hebrews 13:4. Where did God, the creator of sex, intend sex to happen?
Read 1 John 2:15-16. Where does the desire of your flesh come from?

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Share It

Read 1 John 2:15-16. Where does the desire of your flesh come from?


God uses the analogy of a harvest to explain how spreading the gospel works. He creates the land and provides the sun, rain, and nutrients in the soil. A seed can’t grow without Him, but He uses the farmers to plant the seed. Just like God creates the land, He creates the person who needs Him. He provides the resources for salvation but He uses man to plant the seed. God will grow the plant to maturity and will bring people into a relationship with Him.
Read Matthew 9:37-38. God uses the harvest analogy to challenge believers to plant the seed. According to this verse, are there many people in need of hearing the gospel?
According to this verse, are there many laborers to plant seeds?
Read Mark 16:15-16. What does God ask of you?
Read Acts 1:8. Who will give you the power and strength to share the gospel?
Read Luke 12:11-12. Who will give you the words to say?
Who can you share the gospel with?


Read 1 John 4:11-12. According to this verse, how can others see God in you?
Read John 13:34-35. What does this verse ask you to do? How will people know you are God’s disciples? How does loving others open the door for sharing the gospel? What is a way that you can build a relationship with someone so you can share the gospel with them?


Read Colossians 3:12-14
List all the ways you can serve people according to this verse.
Write down how all these different acts of service can open the door to sharing the gospel.
Using the list from this passage, think of specific ways you can serve others. Be creative and think with specific people in mind.

Many people in Haiti rely on Voodoo to help them. When the massive earthquake happened, many of the people turned from Voodoo to Christ because the people who rushed into the country to help them were followers of Christ. There were many people who believed in Jesus because servant-hearted people, motivated by Christ’s love, allowed God to open the door for the gospel through service.

Day 4- PRAY

Read Romans 10:1. Today, pray for someone’s heart to open to know Jesus and pray against any distractions that would keep them from knowing Him.
Read Colossians 4:3
Pray for the following things:
– Any missionaries who you know are sharing the gospel
– The opportunity to share the gospel
– For your pastors… that they would lead their church and spread the gospel
– For organizations like Kanakuk… that God would use them to advance the gospel


Read 2 Timothy 4:2. What does God ask you to do? When should you be prepared?
Read 2 Timothy 2:15. What type of worker should you be?
How should you handle God’s Word? What is the best way to know God’s Word?
You have the responsibility to share the message of God, but to share it you have to believe it and know it. A servant-hearted person should value spending time in God’s Word above all daily activities. It is how you prepare yourself to share truth.
Have you experienced the value of knowing God’s Word?

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Romans Road


The Romans Road are verses from the book of Romans that help people understand 5 things:
01 All of mankind needs a Savior
02 Why a Savior is needed
03 How God gives man salvation
04 How to get salvation
05 What it means to have salvation
Read Romans 3:10-12 and Romans 3:23
Is any person able to be righteous by his own efforts? Do all people sin?


Read Romans 6:23 and memorize
What do you earn by sinning?
What is the gift that Jesus gives instead?
People need to know about their sin.
Think about the friend or family member you can pray for today. Write their name down to remind you to keep thinking of them.
Pray again for God to help you start a conversation with them.
Pray this person would be overwhelmed with the consequences of her or his sin.


If a person can recognize the nature of their sin, they will see their need for a solution.
It’s time to introduce them to the only solution… Jesus.
Re-Read Romans 6:23. What does the last part of this verse say?
How do you overcome the consequences of sin?
Read Romans 5:8. What did Jesus do for you on the cross? What was your condition when He did it? Pray that your friend or family member would see Jesus for who He really is.


Read Romans 8:9-10. Write this verse out and memorize it.
What must you do to receive salvation? How are you saved?
You have the responsibility to share with someone that they can’t earn salvation. The gift of salvation has already been given by God and is therefore open to them. They simply have to receive the gift. Pray that your friend or family member would believe in Jesus.

61% of believers have not shared the gospel in the last 6 months
48% have not invited anyone to church in the last 6 months
20% of Christians rarely pray for someone’s salvation
75% feel comfortable sharing their faith
8% have never shared their faith


Read Romans 5:1 and memorize. What do you have because of your faith?
Read Romans 8:1
What do those who believe in Jesus no longer have?
Pray God would give you patience for your friend or family member to know Jesus.
Pray God would give you direction on how to help them.
Pray that your friend will understand the peace that God gives.

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Your personal story has meaning. It is not boring. It is a combination of God’s actions that define who He has made you to be. You believe in Him and He gives you hope.
Read Luke 8:39. God healed a man in the Bible who was demon possessed. What did God tell the man to do? Do you think the people who knew the condition of the sick man would see a difference? God has healed you of your sin. Why is it valuable to share your experience with others?
Read Titus 3:3-7. How does your testimony confirm that these words are true?
Can your testimony help these verses become relatable to someone else?
Do you believe your testimony could help the truth become desirable to someone else?
Read Psalm 40:9-10. What is the psalmist glad to share in these verses?
Read 2 Corinthians 1:3-5. How can sharing how God has comforted you comfort others?
Is there value in sharing the comfort God has given you with others?
Do you believe your testimony is valuable?


Today you are going to read three different passages where Paul shares his testimony.
You get the full story when you combine all three. Take notes on what you learn about what Paul was like before Christ, and how God worked to bring Paul to a relationship with Him. You can also learn how God worked in his life after He changed him through salvation.
Read Acts 22:1-21. Take notes about what you learn.
Read 1 Timothy 1:12-17. Add to your notes of what you are learning about Paul’s testimony.
Read Philippians 3:4-9. Write down what Paul valued before Christ and what He values after he began his relationship with Christ.
What do you learn from Paul’s testimony? Can you relate to Paul in any way?
Do you or did you put confidence in the flesh?
Did you at one time persecute Christians? You may not have murdered, but did you oppose them in word or thoughts? How did God change you?


Ask someone who is mature in their faith to share how they came to know Christ. Commit as much time as needed. You don’t want to miss how God worked in every little detail.


Today you are going to write your testimony. Take the time to write every little detail that God used to lead you to Him. Include people and situations. *Don’t stop at the point you believed in Jesus as your Savior. God hasn’t stopped working in you so keep going. How has God changed you, how has He grown your faith, and what are you learning now?
*Look at your testimony in 3 steps:
01 Life before Christ
02 Encounter with Christ (when you came to know Him)
03 Life walking with Christ


Spend time today reviewing your testimony. As you finish, leave space for more. Your testimony doesn’t end. Each experience you have before Christ leads you to knowing Him. The experiences you have after you follow Christ are just as valuable and you can use them to encourage others striving to live a life for Christ as well.

Your written testimony can encourage those who God used to bring you to Him. These people probably prayed for your salvation and trusted God to lead you to it. Send a copy of your testimony to the people who are in it. They will be so encouraged to see what God has done.

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Serving Your Friends

Day 1- HOW

Brainstorm ways you want to serve your friends. Come up with three ways you can serve your friends this year. Be specific and write them out here.


Think about and write a verse that gives a reason why you want to serve your friends.


Read through the three goals you decided to focus on this year in serving your friends.
Think about your lifestyle. Does anything need to change to make them happen?
Think about your schedule and commitments.
Do you need to do a little re-shuffling? Do you need to take some things off your plate to make this happen? Do you need to stop doing something to make more time?


“This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends. You are my friends if you do what I command you. No longer do I call you servants, for the servant does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends, for all that I have heard from my Father I have made known to you.”  
– John 15:12-15


Seek wise counsel to be wise in your actions. Set up time to talk or call them to ask questions and listen to their advice. Take notes below. Do you need to make any changes to your goals based on seeking wise counsel?


Spend time praying for God to give you strength and direction.
Write your prayer below so you can come back to it at the end of the year (or allotted time).
It’s time to take action. Make sure you post your goals and set a time to check in and see how you are doing


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Serving Your Community

Day 1- HOW

Think about ways you want to serve in your community. Pick two or three that you want to focus on. Write out your ideas on how you want to serve them.


Write a verse supporting why you want to serve in your community. Think about this and write your purpose in the form of a mission statement below.


Read through the two or three goals you decided to focus on this year in serving in your community. Think about everyday life. Does anything need to change to make them happen? Do you need to take some things off your plate to make this happen?


“If therefore there is any encouragement in Christ, if there is any consolation of love, if there is any fellowship of the Spirit, if any affection and compassion, make my joy complete by being of the same mind, maintaining the same love, united in spirit, intent on one purpose. Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind let each of you regard one another as more important than himself; do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others.”  
– Philippians 2:1-4


Seek wise counsel to be wise in your actions. Set a time to talk or call them to ask questions and listen to their advice. Take notes below. Do you need to make any changes to your goals after seeking wise counsel?


Spend time praying for God to give you strength and direction. Write your prayer below so you can come back to it at the end of the year. It’s time to take action. Make sure you post your goals and set a time to check in and see how you are doing.


Great Job! Email us at so we can keep track of your progress. In your email, please include:
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At Kanakuk, we will honor everyone who has completed all 3 checkpoints at closing ceremonies
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