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You may know or have heard about Abraham before; but his name was “Abram” before God changed his name to Abraham. God made some big promises to Abram. Investigate what God promised Abram and if Abram believed in them.

Read Genesis 12:1-5

What did God tell Abram to do? What did God promise Abram He would do?

Did Abram do it?


God asked Abram to leave the place that he was used to living because God had a plan. God sometimes asks us to do things that take us away from where we are comfortable.

Read Hebrews 11:8

Did Abram know where he was going?

Why does this verse say that he left?

Do you have faith in God to do what He asks, even when you don’t understand why He asks you to do it?


Abram believed God could do great things. Today you are going to investigate if that is true.

Read Ephesians 3:20

Have you seen God do great things – things greater than what you can imagine? Write some down.

Go outside and look at God’s creation and list all those great things He has created.

Just like God promised Abram, He promises you that He can do things you couldn’t even imagine! Do you trust Him enough to obey Him, even when you don’t understand?


Just like God promised Abram some great things, He makes thousands of promises to you in the pages of the Bible. Here are a few of them.

He loves you… 1 John 3:1

He is with you… Zephaniah 3:17

He won’t leave you… Deuteronomy 31:6

He cares for you… 1 Peter 5:7

He will provide for you… Philippians 4:19


Abram valued God more than he valued his things or his home.

You need the right motive to be like Abram.

Read Colossians 3:2

Is there anything you think is more important to God?

How can you make God more important than things on earth?


This will be a hard challenge this week, but you can do it with God’s help. Think of something that is important to you and give it up for God. Here are some ideas

Take your favorite toy (not the toy you don’t play with anymore, your favorite toy) and give it to someone who doesn’t have one.

Go play with someone during recess who doesn’t have many friends.

Give your allowance to someone or a charity that needs the money.

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Why did God choose Noah? It’s time for you to investigate and find out:

Read Genesis 6:8 and 7:1

The word “righteous” means that you have good character in God’s eyes. Was this how God described Noah?

In Chapter 7 verse 1, was there anyone else like Noah? Do you think that was really hard for Noah to do things right when everyone else was not?

Have you ever been the only person wanting to do what was right? Why was it hard?


It was probably really hard for Noah to be different than everybody else in the world.

He was determined to do what was right no matter what. Today, investigate the source of Noah’s strong faith in God.

Read 2 Thessalonians 3:3

How is God described in this verse? Have you ever had a pet that sticks by your side no matter what? That’s what it means to be faithful! How has God been faithful to you?

What are the two things this verse says God will do? Has God ever given you strength?


God doesn’t want the enemy to have anything to do with you so He will save you from Him. Investigate God’s motive in saving you from evil.

Read Proverbs 29:11

Do you know God has a plan for you?

What was God’s plan for Noah?

You serve the same God as Noah and He wants good things for you. Do you believe that is true?


Write down something you are doing that God wouldn’t want you to do. What are some ways God can give you strength to do what is right instead? Say a prayer and ask Him to help you. Then do what’s right.

There are some super detectives who study the Bible and find really cool things. Some of these detectives compared the dates of Noah’s time and Jesus’s time and found this cool fact: the day Noah’s ark landed on dry land was the same exact day that Jesus rose from the dead thousands of years later! Just as Noah and the earth had a new beginning, you can have a new beginning from your sinful ways because Jesus died for your sins and defeated death by rising from the grave!

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The Bible tells us that Job loved God with all his heart. Sometimes bad things happen in our life and that is exactly what happened to Job. He had a great family and many things, but he lost them all at the same time. Investigate this true story to see how Job responded.

Read Job 1:13-22

List all the things that happened to Job.

What are all the things that Job lost?

Do you think Job was upset for losing those things?


Back when Job lived, tearing your clothes and shaving your head meant you were really sad. When hard times happen, it is easy to be mad at God. Have you ever been made at God? Was Job mad at God? Investigate to find the answer.

Read Job 1:1 and Job 1:20-22

Did Job love God?

After Job shaved his head what did he do?

Does Job praise God in his hard time?

Does Job blame God?


When something out of the ordinary happens, a good investigator has to find out why it happened. Today, find out why Job praised God when he lost everything.

Read Romans 8:28

Does this verse say God causes “some things” or “all things” to turn out good?

Job loved God. Do you think he believed that God would make the bad things good?

Give it a try! (#faa633BKG) (#ffffff Font)

You may be doing good, but all around you are people who are going through hard times. Make a list of ways God can use you to help other people in hard times and then go do some or all of them.


Life is good, but life can also be hard. The Bible tells you what your motive should be when bad things happen. Investigate why God allows hard times to happen to you.

Read James 1:2

A “trial” is a fancy way of saying “hard times.” What does God give you in hard times? Have you ever gone through a trial?

Why do you think endurance and faith are important things for you to have?


Are you going through something hard right now? Write down how God can teach you something through this hard time. Finally, write down how your attitude can change and then change it! Share what you’ve thought about with someone!

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Last week you learned about Abram. Remember that God changed Abram’s name later to Abraham? When you read the Bible, you will see they are the same person. This week you are going to investigate him as Abraham. 

Read Genesis 22:1-14 – (this is a lot to read so have your parents help you if you need it.)

What did God ask Abraham to do? Do you think Abraham understood why God asked him to do something this crazy?


So God could show us the serious faith Abraham had in Him, God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son. Abraham didn’t know what was going to happen but He still trusted God to provide. Read Genesis 22:7-8 and see that Abraham trusted that God would not make him sacrifice his son.

When Isaac asked what they would sacrifice, he told him that God would provide what?

When God asks you to do something, do you trust that He will provide you what you need?

For example, if God asked you to give someone your only winter coat, do you believe that He will provide a way to keep you warm?

B & B

Abraham didn’t have to sacrifce his only son, but God did.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.

We can be thankful God didn’t make Abraham sacrifice his son. Are you thankful that God sacrificed His only Son so you could live forever with Him?


Abraham trusted that God would provide what he needed.

Read Matthew 6:31-33

What should you not worry about?

Why does God tell you not to worry about these things?

What are some things you need that you worry about?

Take some time to ask God to provide for the things that you need.


Why did God provide for Abraham? Why does He provide for you?

Today you will investigate God’s motive.

Read 1 Peter 5:7

Why should you not worry about anything? How has God shown you that He cares for you?


Today take some time to look at all you have. Look in your closet, your fridge, and in your house. How has God provided above and beyond what you need?

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Jacob and Esau



Jacob and Esau were Abraham’s grandsons. They were twins but they did not look like each other. Esau was the oldest, which meant that he would get everything his dad owned when his dad died (that’s called an inheritance). Jacob wanted the inheritance and tricked his father into giving it to him. This made Esau extremely mad so the two twin brothers lived apart for many years. Jacob finally realized what he had done was wrong, so he traveled to his brother to ask for forgiveness. When Jacob got to the land his brother lived in, he sent a messenger to tell Esau he was coming. The messenger came back and told Jacob that Esau was coming with 400 men.

Read Genesis 32:10-11

What was Jacob scared that Esau would do?  

Who did Jacob turn to when he was afraid?

Who do you turn to when you are afraid?

 How can you turn to God?


It took a lot of courage and obedience for Jacob to travel to say “I’m sorry” to his brother. Today, you will investigate how Esau responded.

Read Genesis 33:1-4

What did Esau do when he saw his brother?

What Jacob did to Esau was wrong and changed Esau’s life. Did that keep Esau from forgiving his brother?

How can you be a forgiving person like Esau?


Why did Esau forgive his brother? The world tells us to get revenge, but Esau didn’t.

Read Ephesians 4:32 and 1 John 1:9

Who forgave you? What did God forgive you for? How can you forgive others?

Give it a try!

The words “I’m sorry” are sometimes the hardest words to say. Do you need to say those words to a teacher, parent, coach or friend today? Don’t say it until you mean it. Saying the words “I’m sorry” when you don’t mean it can make things worse. Pray that God would give you courage and go for it.


Read Ephesians 4:32

Memorize this verse today. If you did what this verse asked of you, how should you treat people who do mean things to you?


Think of some ways you can be kind or do something nice for someone who has done something mean to you. This could be a friend or maybe even a brother or sister.

Write out your ideas and then go and do one or all of them.

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Joseph 1



Joseph was one of Jacob’s many sons. Jacob, his father, loved Joseph and gave Joseph a colorful coat. This made Joseph’s other brothers jealous. Then Joseph had some dreams God gave him about how God would make him great among his brothers. When he told his brothers, they became so mad they planned to kill him. They lowered him into a pit; but just as they were about to leave him, some Egyptians rode by. The brothers decided to sell Joseph to the Egyptians as a slave. Joseph headed to Egypt and became a slave in a wealthy man’s house named Potiphar. Joseph could have been sad and mad, but instead he was faithful to God in every situation. You are going to investigate how Joseph was an example of all the great things God can do to someone who believes in Him.

Read Genesis 39:1-4

Potiphar did not believe in God, but did he notice why Joseph was successful?

What did Potiphar give Joseph?

B & B BIGGER & Better

When you read the story of Joseph, it’s easy to get mad because Joseph did nothing wrong but still ends up in a land far away. If you read more about the story, you will see that Joseph does nothing wrong again and gets thrown into prison for two years! Joseph is not the only person that is punished for being innocent.

“God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.”

2 Corinthians 5:21

Jesus did nothing wrong on earth. He lived a life without sin but was punished for everyone’s sin, including yours on the cross.


Joseph became the highest person, besides Potiphar, in Potiphar’s house. Potiphar was extremely wealthy so he probably had many servants to choose from. But he saw how Joseph always stuck with God throughout his life.

Read Genesis 39:2

Who was with Joseph? Who made Joseph successful?

Do you know that God is with you no matter the circumstance?

How can you show those around you, who don’t know God, how great He is? Think about what this can look like at school, with your friends, or even on your sports teams.


Joseph was far from home and living with people who didn’t believe the same things he believed. He looked different and acted different, but he didn’t change. He was faithful and God showed others the awesome things that He can do.

Read Isaiah 41:10

The same God who was with Joseph is with you! What does this verse say that God will do for you? Memorize this verse today.

Day  4 –  THE MOTIVE

Read Matthew 5:16

What does this verse ask you to do?

How can you show those around you what God can do? Think about how you can do this with your words, your actions, and how you treat others.


Is there someone you know who doesn’t know God? Have you ever thought about asking that person to come and hang out with you and your friends at your house or at a fun church event? Why not tell them about Jesus? Remember to let your light shine!

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Joseph 2

Day 1 –  THE STORY

Have you ever had a weird dream? Pharaoh was the person who ruled over all of Egypt. While Joseph was in Egypt, Pharaoh had some crazy dreams. In one of his dreams he saw seven fat cows eating by the Nile River. A little later in the same dream, he saw seven skinny cows eat up the first seven fat cows. Weird, huh? The dreamed bothered him, so he searched high and low to find a wise person to explain it to him. He asked all the land’s magicians and wise men and no one could give him the answer. Joseph used God’s wisdom to interpret Pharaoh’s dream. He told Pharaoh the seven fat cows represented seven years of lots of food in the land. The skinny cows represented seven years that would follow where the land would grow no food, causing many to starve. Using God’s wisdom, look and see what Joseph tells Pharaoh how he should prepare for the years with no food.

Read Genesis 41:33-40

What does Joseph tell Pharaoh that he should do during the years there is a ton of food?

How will this help them for the seven years when there is no food?

Was Pharaoh thankful for the wisdom God gave Joseph? What job did he give Joseph?


Look back at last week’s Day One Lesson.

How did Joseph get to Egypt?

Do you think he wanted to go there instead of staying with his family?

Many people were saved from starvation because Joseph was in Egypt. Do you think Joseph was sent to Egypt on purpose?


God had everything to do with Joseph getting to Egypt. Joseph didn’t understand why at first, but He trusted God to show him.

Read Isaiah 41:10

The word “ordained” means something that is decided before it happens. God is telling you that He has decided all the days of your life before you were even born! How does this encourage you when something happens that you don’t understand?

After reading this verse, do you think God planned for Joseph to go to Egypt?

Did God have a really good reason for getting Joseph to Egypt? What was His reason?


You might not always understand what God is doing, but you can trust Him to have a reason for why He does something in your life.

Read Proverbs 3:5-6

Is there something happening in your life and you don’t understand why it’s happening?

How can Joseph’s example encourage you to trust in God’s plan?


Give it a try! 

An investigator sometimes has to sketch things he or she sees when they are scooping out a story. Here is a list of some things from Joseph’s story. Grab a pencil, some markers or crayons and draw these things: Colorful Coat, Skinny Cow, Fat Cow and Egyptian Ruler.

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Moses' Mom

Day 1 –  THE STORY

Joseph died, and the Egyptians didn’t remember who Joseph and his people were anymore. Pharaoh decided to make all of the Israelites, Joseph’s people, into slaves. Pharaoh and his people were afraid that God’s people would get too big and take over Egypt, so they ordered all the sons to be killed. Today, you are going to investigate what Moses’ mom did to save him from being killed.

Read Genesis 32:10-11

How did Moses’ mom save his life? Who found Moses? What does Moses’ name mean?


Did you notice who else was involved?

Read Exodus 1:22-2:8 again.

Who watches Moses after his mom puts him in the basket?

Who adopts Moses as her son?


You have read about three people who saved a little boy’s life. It is a crazy story but it happened. Some of you might be like Moses who had two moms. Moses didn’t grow up with his real mom. She had to give him up to save his life. Moses grew up with his adopted mom. She was an Egyptian so she could have ignored the baby in the basket; but she had compassion and became his mom. God used both of these women to save Moses’ life and let him grow up to do what He had planned for him.

Read Psalm 121:7

What does this verse say the Lord will do for you?

How did He do this for Moses?

How have you seen Him do this for you?


What is your mom like? If you don’t know the answers, ask her.

What color is your mom’s hair?

What was your mom’s first job?

What is your mom’s favorite place to visit?

What is your mom’s favorite hobby?

What’s your mom’s most embarrassing moment?

What is your mom’s favorite color?


I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it takes a ton of sacrifice and compassion to be a mom. The same is true for your dad. Your parents love you so much and just like Moses’ parents, they make huge sacrifices to make sure you are safe and growing up like God wants you to.

Read Exodus 20:12

What does this verse tell you to do? Do you think it’s good for you to respect your mom and dad? Think about your answer.

Have your mom and dad helped you be who God wants you to be? How? What are some ways you can do a better job at honoring your parents?


Write your mom or dad a note and tell them how thankful you are to them for doing so many things for you. Make sure you give examples.

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The Burning Bush

Day 1 –  THE STORY

Moses grows up to be a shepherd and sees something crazy. A good investigator looks for all the details, so make sure you pay attention to what happens in this true story.

Read Exodus 3:1-12

If a bush were to catch fire in your backyard, it would burn until there was nothing there. What was strange about the burning bush that Moses saw?

Who spoke to Moses from the burning bush? What did He tell Moses He was going to do? Does God care about His people when they are hurting?


There are two characters involved with this story. Today you are going to figure out what they are both like.

Read Exodus 3:1-12

Was Moses confused why God would choose him to do His work?

Have you ever thought you were not good enough for God to choose you? Can you remember a time you felt this way?

What did God say to encourage Moses?

Do you believe that God is with you when He asks you to do something?

Day 3 – THE SOURCE (#00af85 BKG) (#ffffff Font)

Read Isaiah 41:13

What does this verse say?

What are some things God gives you to show that He is there to help you?

Hint… search all around you to answer this question. The Bible says all good things come from God. God uses the Bible, people, creation, and so much more to help you!

Write out some reasons why you trust God is with you.


Read Exodus 20:12

What does this verse say?

Has God ever given you strength to do something? Write about what He did.

Give it a try! (#faa633 BKG) (#ffffff Font)

I’m sure a burning bush that didn’t burn up was a crazy sight to see. Grab a pencil, markers or crayons and draw what you think the burning bush looked like:


Is there something God has asked you to do that you have not done because you were afraid? You have learned that you don’t have to fear, because God will help you. Talk to your parents or an older friend about what you have been afraid to do. It’s time… pray for help and go do what you’ve been afraid to do!

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Moses 2

Day 1 –  THE STORY

Moses did what God, a.k.a the Burning Bush, told him and he asked Pharaoh to let his people go. It took many miracles, but Pharaoh finally let God’s people go back to their land. God saved them from slavery! After the Israelites left, Pharaoh changed his mind and chased after them. Check out what God did to save His people.

Read Exodus 14:10-16 and Exodus 14:21-22

Were God’s people scared when they saw the Egyptians?

How does God save the people from Pharaoh’s army chasing them?

Look closely… did God’s people walk on wet or dry land?

Does this story prove that God will take care of you in big ways and small ways?

Does God care about his people when they are hurting?


Read Exodus 14:13-14

How did Moses respond when he was scared?

Why do you think Moses trusted God so much?


Read Psalm 121:7

What does the first sentence of this verse tell you about God?

Do you know that Pharaoh’s army was the mightiest army in the world during Moses’ time? Did God prove that He is the strongest Warrior there?

Do you believe God is the ultimate Warrior?



God, the Mighty Warrior, will fight your battles for you. You have to trust Him and be patient.

Read Exodus 14:14

What does this verse say the Lord will do for you?

What does this verse say that you need to do? Hint: “be still” means “be patient”

Have you ever had to be patient for God to help you?


It could be fun today to make a cardboard shield and sword. If you want to go all out, decorate it and make it look cool. On the back of your weapons, write in big letters,“God’s gonna fight for me.” Challenge a friend or sibling to a friendly cardboard sword fight. While you play, remember to let God fight your battles.

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Moses 1

Day 1 –  THE STORY

Moses and all of God’s people crossed the Red Sea and got out of Egypt. Soon after, God told Moses to go up on a mountain called Mount Sinai. God was on the mountain and it was there He gave Moses the 10 Commandments.

Read Exodus 20:1-17

Write down the 10 Commandments.

Have you ever disobeyed one of these?


God was planning for Jesus to show up. It was the plan all along, but until Jesus got there, anyone who followed God had to follow the 10 Commandments. Some of these commandments may seem simple to follow, but God’s people couldn’t get it right no matter how hard they tried. They always broke these commandments. God used these 10 commandments to show the Israelites that they needed a Savior… big time.

Read Exodus 20:1-17

There are 10 Commandments. But the Bible says that if you do one of them wrong, you have broken all of God’s Law. Have you lied before? Have you disobeyed your parents? Have you ever stolen from somebody?

If you said “yes” then you have broken God’s Law.

Don’t be discouraged… you just realized that you need Jesus!

DEFINE IT.COVET (v) to want what someone else has.

Here is the word used in a sentence.

“Jackson coveted his friends new shoes, so he stole them.”

Coveting isn’t thinking what someone has is cool. Coveting is when you want it so bad you will do anything to take it away from the person it belongs to.


When Jesus came, it didn’t mean that you could throw the 10 Commandments in the trash. He says in the Bible, that if you follow Him you will be following the Law. It’s that simple. Did you know that Jesus came and lived on earth for 33 years and never once broke the Law? He is the perfect example of how to live according to God’s commands. That is why He was the only one who could die for our sins.

Read Romans 6:23

A wage is something you earn (like earning an allowance for doing your chores).

You are sinning when you break the Law. What do you earn for your sin?

What does God give you through Jesus?


What are you supposed to do with the 10 Commandments? God wants you to follow them by following Jesus. Jesus followed them and He gives you the example of how to do it.

Read John 14:15

How do you show God you love Him?

Do you do what God commands you to do?

What is one way you could follow God a little better?


On the next page, there are drawings of hand motions to help you memorize the 10 Commandments. Use them to memorize all 10. Another awesome way to remember them is to make up a rap or a song! Once you’ve learned all 10, teach the motions, rap, or song to your friends and parents!

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Joshua and Caleb

Day 1 –  THE STORY

After God’s people left Mount Sinai, they headed back to the land that God wanted them to live in. God had promised this land to them and it was awesome. Moses was the people’s leader. When they got close, Moses sent 12 spies into the land to see what it was like. The spies told everyone what they saw when they came back. All of the spies said the land had lots of awesome food and would be a perfect place to live. 10 of the spies said they shouldn’t go because they were scared of the people in the land even though God asked His people to go. Two of the spies, named Joshua and Caleb, trusted that God would take care of them and said, “Let’s go!”

Read Exodus 20:1-17

Think back on what you have learned about the story of Moses.

How had God already protected His people?

Did the people have any reason to be afraid of what God had asked them to do?

Why do you think they were still afraid? If you don’t know the answer, think about why you are afraid to do things God asks you.


Joshua and Caleb were very brave because they stood up for what was right, even when everyone else did not. It was probably easier to side with the other spies or not say anything; but Joshua and Caleb were not worried about fitting in. They knew what God had promised and were confident that He would help them.

Read Numbers 14:6-9

What did Joshua and Caleb tell God’s people?

Have you ever been afraid to stand up for what is right when everyone else was saying or doing something different?

Who gave Joshua and Caleb courage to stand strong?

How can God give you courage to stand strong when no one else does?


Joshua and Caleb were able to stand strong because they believed God always makes His promises come true. They both knew, without a doubt, that God would have a way of dealing with all the hard stuff if He promised the land. The world and the people in it will do what feels right to them most of the time. The other spies felt scared and tried to keep people from doing what God had told them to do. Joshua and Caleb knew what was right and they stood up for it because they were confident that God would be faithful. It is always easier to stand up for someone when you know they will always stand up for you. Here is a Bible verse that can encourage you to stand up for God.

Read Hebrews 10:23

Even when the world is doing something different, how can you be confident in God?

What can you learn from Joshua and Caleb about standing strong?


The more and more you let the world be #1, the more you will blend in and choose not to stand up for God.

Read Romans 12:1

What does this verse say not to do?

What does this verse say will happen if we block out the world and focus on God?

Have you ever done what felt right instead of what you knew was right?

Is there some way that you need to stand up for God by doing what is right?


Grab a rubber band and write Romans 12:1 on it. Wear it around today and when you are in a situation where you could stand up for what God wants you to do, let it remind you that being faithful to the world is not worth it. Be different! Stand out!

Give it a try

Joshua and Caleb were different. Here is a little way to remember what it takes to be different.

Brags about God

Encourages Others

Does Good

In God’s Word



Excited to Obey

Relies on God

Earnestly Prays

Nice and Kind

Trust in God

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Day 1 –  THE STORY

Moses led Israel for many years. When he grew old and couldn’t lead anymore, a man named Joshua became the leader of Israel. Joshua is the same Joshua you read about last week. He stood up for God and God made him a great leader. God gave Joshua the job of leading his people into their land by taking it back from the people who shouldn’t be living there. You already know that Joshua was a man who chose to do what is right. He was also a pretty fierce warrior. In just seven short years, Joshua defeated 31 kings! Of course he couldn’t do it without God. Today, read what God tells Joshua when he first becomes the leader of Israel.

Read Joshua 1:1-9

What are all the things God tells Joshua that He has planned for him to do?

What are the promises that God makes Joshua?


The book of the law was what Joshua and the people called God’s Word. Today, we call it the Bible. God tells Joshua something really important. He gives him the secret to his success as a leader. Investigate what it is today.

Read Joshua 1:7

What does God tell Joshua will make him successful?

You are reading the Bible this year and that is awesome.

Are you taking the time to do what it says?

If you stick to reading the Bible and doing what it says, you will be successful! Remember that God’s definition of success is different than the world’s definition. Reading the Bible might not make you rich and famous, or give you all that you want on the earth. What it does is even better. It tells you how special you are and takes you on an adventure to find out what God has planned only for you!


Read 2 Timothy 3:16-17

Write down how God’s Word, which is the Bible, is described.

What does God’s Word do? How does God’s Word make you successful?

Did you know that the words “God Breathed” or “Inspired” literally mean “the breath of God? The Bible tells us that it is God’s Word and He actually spoke every word!

No wonder God’s Word will make you successful.


Read Joshua 1:7

Why is it important for Joshua to think about God’s Word and speak it all the time?

God is asking Joshua to memorize His words. Why do you think it’s important to memorize Bible verses?


Write out Joshua 1:9 and memorize this verse today. The next time you memorize a verse, maybe you can draw your own picture to help you!

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Day 1 –  THE STORY

It was time for God’s people to go back into the land that God had promised them. But the big hurdle was defeating the armies of the people who didn’t follow God. These people did not want Israel coming back for their land. Joshua sent 12 spies into the city to check it out. If the spies were caught, they would have been killed. It wasn’t easy to blend into the crowd because the Israelites looked and acted differently than the people of Jericho. It was a dangerous mission, but one kind woman helped them out. Read about her story.

Read Joshua 2:2-12

How did Rahab hide the spies?

What did she tell the people looking for them?

How did Rahab know about God?

Why did she show the Israelite spies kindness?


Rahab had heard about all the cool things that God had done for His people and she wanted to be a part of it.  She showed the Israelites kindness and helped them get home safely.  This act of kindness was dangerous, but Rahab did it because she wanted to help God’s people.

Read Joshua 2:11

Did Rahab believe in God? What can you learn from Rahab’s kindness?


Read Ephesians 4:32

Why should you be kind to others?

How is God kind to you?


Read Luke 6:35

In this verse, God asks you to do four things.

What are those four things?

Are you supposed to be kind to your enemies?

The Israelites were supposed to be considered Rahab’s enemy. Was she kind to them?

Read the verse again. Are you supposed to expect anything back when you do kind things?

What does this verse say that you are supposed to do with your stuff?

Read the verse one more time. Does God tell you being kind will be worth it?

Write down what it says.


It’s “Acts of Kindness” week. God is a kind God and we should show others kindness… even people we don’t know. Your challenge is to try to do one (or more) acts of kindness every day this week. Look for how you can be kind to people. For fun, write down some ideas of how you can show people kindness.

The spies told Rahab before they left to gather her entire family into her house and hang a red cord out her window when they came back for battle. If she did this, God would save her and her family. She did just that and God spared her life. She lived with the Israelites and followed God for the rest of her life. Did you know that she later married a Jewish man? What’s even more awesome is that Rahab was the great, great, great, great (plus a whole lot more greats) great grandma of…can you guess… Jesus!

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Day 1 –  THE STORY

After Joshua and the people fought all their battles, they settled into the land that God had promised. God had done so many good things for His people, yet they did not follow Him at all. In fact, they decided to do things their own way and started worshipping other gods. While they were living in the land, there were also people called the Midianites living there. These people were always picking on Israel. They would steal crops and animals so that Israel literally had nothing to eat. The Israelites even had to live in caves. They turned back to God, and because He is faithful even when people are not, He asked a man named Gideon to help save His people from the Midianites.

Check out the story here.

Read Judges 6:11-16

How does God describe Himself in verse 12?

In verse 14, what does God ask Gideon to do?


God had big plans for Gideon. Look at how Gideon responded when God asked him to defeat the Midianites.

Read Judges 6:15

Why does Gideon think he isn’t good enough?

Have you ever felt like you aren’t good or strong enough to do what God asks you?


Read Matthew 19:26

What does this verse say is the difference between God and man?

Have you seen God do impossible things?


God used Gideon to defeat the Midianites, but how it happened was crazy. The Midianites and their army were so huge the Bible says the number of camel’s the Midianites had were as many as the sand of the sea. Gideon only had 22,000 men. In the world’s eyes, there was no way Gideon could win with 22,000 men. The story gets crazier. God decided to tell all but 300 men to go home. With only 300 men, Gideon fought the millions of Midianites. Gideon and his 300 men won because God was on their side! The lesson is that God can do anything through anyone…including you.


You might think God won’t use you because you are young. That is not true. Gideon did big things for God even though he thought he was a nobody. God can use you no matter how old you are. God can use you even if the world says you are not the strongest, prettiest, oldest or the smartest. God picked you for a reason.

Read 1 Timothy 4:12

What is Timothy supposed to do, no matter how young he is?

No matter how old you are, you should make it your goal to be an example for Christ.

How can you show Christ today?

Day 5 – CAUGHT IN THE ACTWrite down five ways you can act like Jesus at school, on sports teams or during activities. Figure out how you can do it well and do it!

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Day 1 –  THE STORY

After Joshua, Israel was ruled by judges. They weren’t like the judges today, but they did help the Israelites, led them in battle, and managed how their country was run. Samuel was the last Israelite judge. He loved the Lord and grew up in God’s house. When he was a young boy, God had something to tell Samuel. Samuel didn’t know it was God talking.

Read 1 Samuel 3:1-10 and write down what happened.


Read 1 Samuel 3:1-10 again.

The three people in this story are God, Eli and Samuel.

Who did Samuel think the voice of God really was?

Who told Samuel to listen because the voice he was hearing was God’s?

Did Samuel obey?


Samuel was probably about your age or a little older and God had something to say to him. Eli helped him understand that God was talking to him. As you grow up, you will learn more and more about God. But God knows that you need help knowing how to listen for Him and what to do when He says something. In Jesus’ day, people were bringing kids to see Him and Jesus loved it.

Is Heaven just for adults?

How did the children get to Jesus?

Who first told you about Jesus?


God wants you to grow up knowing Him so He puts people in your life to help you. Paul was a guy in the New Testament who helped a young teenage boy, named Timothy, learn to follow Jesus. He not only told him about Jesus, he showed him what it looked like to follow Jesus.

Read 1 Corinthians 11:1

What does Paul ask Timothy to do?

Who are the people in your life who are examples of what it looks like to follow and listen to God?

What have these people taught you about Jesus?

What have they taught you about living for Jesus?

Samuel could actually hear God’s voice when God spoke to him. That is how God spoke in the Old Testament because there was only one copy of God’s Word and it wasn’t finished being written yet. Today, you have all of what God has said in your Bible. These days, the Holy Spirit speaks to you though the Bible, godly people, and even your circumstances. How do you know when God is speaking? The more time you spend with Him, the more you will know it’s Him. You have to get to know Him like you would any good friend. Don’t forget to have someone like a parent, mentor, Kamp counselor or Sunday school teacher help you figure it out!


Do you have someone you look up to because they have taught you about Jesus? Write them a letter and thank them for helping you know what it looks like to follow Jesus.

If you don’t like writing letters… tell them thank you.

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Day 1 –  THE STORY

Ruth was a Moabite woman who married an Israelite. Sadly, Ruth’s husband died at the same time his father and brother died. All that was left of the family was Ruth’s mother-in-law, Naomi, and sister-in-law, Orpah. Naomi was an Israelite and Ruth and Orpah were from Moab. The people of Moab did not believe in God and the Israelites were not supposed to marry people who did not believe in God. Naomi knew that Ruth and Orpah would most likely not be able to marry again if they left Moab. So, Naomi told them to stay and she would go back to the land of Israel. Orpah stayed in Moab, but Ruth decided to do something different. Find out what she did here.

Read Ruth 1:11 and Ruth 1:14-18

What did Ruth choose to do?

Look at verse 16. Ruth was not an Israelite, God’s people. Did she believe in God?


In today’s world, a girl can get a job and take care of herself. In those days, the husband took care of the women. If they didn’t have a husband, their dad would take care of them. Since all the men had died, there was no one to take care of Naomi and Ruth. They were super poor! Ruth could have stayed in Moab and been fine, but she thought being with God was more important than having food and things! Ruth also knew the right thing to do was to not leave her older mother-in-law. Ruth probably knew that she needed to help Naomi, so off to Israel she went.

Read Joshua 1:7

Was Ruth a good friend to Naomi? How did she tell Naomi that she would always be there for her? Would you be able to give up food and comforts for someone else?

Would you be able to give up your life for someone else?


Next week we will read a little more of Ruth’s story, but here is a little preview: God provided for Ruth and Naomi, and Ruth married a man named Boaz. Ruth was willing to give her life for Naomi, but she didn’t actually have to die for her. But, there was someone who had to give up His life for you.

Read 1 John 3:16

Who gave up His life for you? What should you do for others?


Read Matthew 22:36-38

What is the first thing we are supposed to do?

What is the second thing God asks us to do?

Did Ruth do this for Naomi?

Do you do this for others?

Sometimes when you read the Bible, it’s hard to understand where people live. Use a map to find Israel and Moab.


Moab, Ruth’s people, and Israel, Naomi’s people, were neighbors. In honor of this story, this week is “Neighbor Appreciation Week!” God asks you to love your neighbor; so spend some time this week helping out your neighbor. How nice would it be if you helped them do yard work? Or maybe you could make sure their newspaper is on their porch every morning? It could be fun to deliver cookies to a neighbor. Use your imagination and have fun!

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Day 1 –  THE STORY

Samuel grew up and God gave him the job of ruling Israel until the people asked for a king. God asked Samuel to appoint the king who God had planned. The first king was a man named Saul. Saul could have been a great king if he focused on God. Instead, Saul focused on himself and was a bad king. God knew this before it happened and had already planned for a new king to take his place. His name was David. God sent Samuel to pick him out.

Pay attention to this story because God tells you what is important to Him.

Read 1 Samuel 16:1-13

Who does Samuel think God is going to make king of Israel? Who had God chosen?


A shepherd’s job was to make sure all the sheep got where they needed to go safely. He would feed them, take care of them, lead them, and keep them from harm. Sounds like good experience for taking care of a country, right?

Read 1 Samuel 16:8-11

What was David doing when Samuel was there?


Read 1 Samuel 16:7

Does appearance matter to God when he chooses someone?

What matters to God?

How does this encourage you?

What should matter to you?

Give it a try! (#faa633 BKG) (#ffffff Font)

Write down what the world things is important.

Write down what you think is important to God.

Circle which ones are important to you


Read Psalm 119:10

Did you know that David wrote many of the Psalms?

Most experts of the Bible say David wrote this verse.

What does David say that he does?

How can you seek God with all your heart?


Ask your mom if it’s okay to take a Dry Erase marker and write out 1 Samuel 16:7 on your bathroom mirror. If it’s not okay, write it on a sticky note and put it on your mirror. Every time you look at yourself in the mirror, you will be reminded what’s important to God.

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Day 1 –  THE STORY

You read about Ruth last week, so this week we will continue on with her story. Ruth went with Naomi back to Israel, but they had no food. So Ruth decided to go to the harvest fields to collect some food. While the workers harvested the grain, Ruth followed behind picking up anything that dropped or was left behind. Have you ever heard of a homeless person digging out uneaten food from a dumpster because they don’t have food? This is what Ruth was doing. They were eating off of what other people threw out. Boaz, the owner of the field saw her doing this. Not only did Boaz let her pick up the left over grain… look what else he did.

Read Ruth 2:1-16

How much did Ruth work everyday? How did Boaz go above and beyond in helping Ruth? Giving Ruth grain was more than enough, but what else did he give her?


Boaz saw a need and he was compassionate in giving Ruth what she needed. It was extremely nice to let Ruth pick up the leftovers, but Boaz went above and beyond. Roasted grain was something the Israelites ate during those days as a meal. So Boaz was providing meals for Ruth and Naomi.

Read Ruth 2:14-17

What did Boaz tell the men working in his field to do for Ruth?

What can you learn about giving to others from Boaz?


Boaz and Ruth eventually got married. Here is a fun fact. Boaz and Ruth are the great grandparents of King David, Israel’s most famous king. King David is the great, great, great (and a lot more “greats”) granddad of Jesus. This means Boaz and Ruth are a part of Jesus’ earthly family. Thousands of years later, Jesus walked on earth and was the best example of having a giving heart.

Read Matthew 14:13-21

What did Jesus do for the people who were with Him?


What does your family tree look like? Start with your parents.


When you read the word “brother” in the Bible, it doesn’t always mean your actual brother. When we accept Christ, we become part of God’s family! So that means we are all brothers and sisters in Christ!

Read Deuteronomy 15:7-8

What are you supposed to do for someone in need?

How can you help people in your family who are in need?

The next time your family has dinner together, talk about how you could help people in your community who need food, shelter, and clothing.


Have you ever passed by a homeless person on the street? Ask your mom or dad if you can get a few gift cards for some places to eat. Next time you see a homeless person on the street, stop and give him/her the gift card! Make sure you only do this with your parents. Be safe!

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David and Goliath

Day 1 –  THE STORY

David is still a young boy, but God has appointed him the future king. The country of Israel does not yet know that David will be the future king. This is a great story because it gives you a sneak peek of what it will be like when David is actually king. Israel is at war with the Philistines who have a seriously big guy, Goliath, on their side who says a lot of bad stuff about God. Goliath challenges Israel to bring one brave man who will fight him, but every adult in the army is scared to face Goliath. David comes to the battlefield to bring supplies to his brothers and happens to be there when Goliath comes out to make his daily challenge. David’s not afraid. This story is epic! Make sure you pay attention to everything that happens.

1 Samuel 17:17-50

Was David scared of Goliath? Why do you think David was so brave?

What weapon did David use to defeat Goliath? Did David wear any armor?


There are so many great details to this true story. There are so many lessons to learn from David and how he was not afraid to face a giant because he had God on his side.

Read 1 Samuel 17:38-40

What did Saul give David to fight Goliath? Did David use the armor? Why not?

What did David pick up to fight Goliath?


God had given David every skill He needed to fight Goliath. God didn’t want David to use other people’s skills and armor. David didn’t need to be like anyone else, he just needed to be himself. God wanted David to be exactly who He had made him to be and use the gifts that David had been given to fight Goliath. The same is true for you. When God asks you to do something, He wants you to be you. If He wanted to do it a different way, He would have asked someone else. Just like David, all you have to do is trust God and be who He has made you to be!

Read 1 John 3:16

How had God trained David for this fight? What was David’s job?

Did David have confidence that God would help him?

Did David have confidence in how God made him?

Do you trust God? Do you have confidence in how God made you?


Read Ephesians 2:10

What does this verse say about you?

In the story of David and Goliath, how was David created by God to do good works?

Do you believe that God is preparing you for something He wants you to do?

Can you think of how He might be doing this?


Write down a list of all the things that you are good at. After you do that, make a list of how God could use you to do good things by using the skills you wrote down.






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David and Saul

Day 1 –  THE STORY

David grew up and became the mightiest warrior and leader in King Saul’s army. David loved the Lord and the people loved him. King Saul was very jealous of David; so instead of leading Israel, Saul set out to kill David. David had done nothing wrong but had to hide from Saul. David and his mighty men were being chased by Saul and had the opportunity to get revenge on Saul for all he had done to them. Check out what David did here.

1 Samuel 26:1-11

Where did David find Saul? What was Saul doing?

Did David have the chance to end all of his problems with Saul?

What did David do instead? God had told David he would be king.

Here was his chance to be king. Why didn’t David take it?


Read Psalm 86:15

Write all the words that describe God in this verse.


Day 2 – THE WITNESSES (#ef4034 BKG) (#ffffff Font)

When Saul was king, God told Saul that he would not be king for much longer. God had planned for another king, David, to take his place. Look what God tells Saul about David here.

Read 1 Samuel 13:14

How did God describe David?

What do you think it means to have a heart like Gods’ heart?

Can you have a heart like God’s? How?


Since God is perfect and everything about Him is good, He is the only person who can take revenge. He knows the right time and the right way.

Read Romans 12:19

What does this verse clearly say is God’s? What does that mean you are supposed to do?

Have you ever wanted to take revenge for something that happened to you?

Why do you think God wants you to wait on Him?


Read Thessalonians 5:15

What does this Bible verse ask you to do?

What does this Bible verse ask you to not do?

How can you do good to someone who has done something wrong to you?


Getting revenge is a popular thing. Revenge is in many movies, books, and TV shows. Sometimes revenge is funny and sometimes it’s mean. It is very rare to see a story of someone who “Got Kind” instead of “Got Revenge.” How can YOU be a story of someone who chooses kindness over revenge?

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Day 1 –  THE STORY

David’s best friend was a man named Jonathan. Jonathan just happened to be King Saul’s son. This meant he could be the next king. But God had planned for David to become king. Jonathan could have been jealous like his dad, Saul. He could have tricked David or fought against him to take the crown. But Jonathan chose to honor God’s way by trusting in God’s plan. He cared for David and even helped him out.

1 Samuel 20:1-16

What does David tell Jonathan about his dad?

Did Jonathan know that his dad hated David?

Did Jonathan side with David or his dad?

Why did he choose that side?


Jonathan cared more about God’s way than becoming king and having lots of power and wealth. Jonathan could have been a great king, but he trusted God to use Him in the way that God had planned. Jonathan sacrificed tons of fame and money to do the right thing.

Read 1 Samuel 20:17

How did Jonathan love David?

Was fame and fortune important to Jonathan?

Are lots of money and things more important to you than people?

The easy answer in the last question is to say “No.” Now here is the hard question… Does the way you treat people show you care more about them than your things?

MEMORIZE IT.  (#faa633 BKG) (#ffffff Font)

Write out Luke 10:27 and memorize it.


Jesus is a bigger and better best friend.

He loves your life more than His own.

Read John 15:13

How did God show us He loved us?

Did God love you more than He loved His own life?

Can you think of a friend who would do that for you?

Are you starting to understand why Jesus is so special?


Jonathan loved David more than he loved himself. God asks you to do the same.

Read Luke 10:27

Who are you supposed to love the most?

How are you supposed to love the people around you?


Write a list of how you love yourself every day. Afterwards, make a list of how you can love the people around you the same (or even more!).

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David's Mighty Men

Day 1 –  THE STORY

God gave David some pretty awesome warriors to fight alongside before and while he was king. Today, you are going to read about some of them.

Read 1 Chronicles 12:1-2; 1 Chronicles 12:8-14

How are these warriors described? What could some of them do?

The Bible says that one warrior could defeat 100 men on his own. It also tells us about another warrior. How many men could the other guy defeat all by himself?

Did God give David people to help him fight his battles?

Do you think God will do the same for you?


When you sharpen a knife or scissors, it makes it cut better. When you put on glasses, they sharpen your eyesight. When you sharpen a pencil, it makes it write better. Sharpening helps something do better at what it is made to do. God put mighty men around David to help make him mighty. God wants you to have good friends so you can help each other be mighty for Him.

Read Proverbs 27:17

What are some ways that a friend can sharpen you?

How can you sharpen a friend?


You can be a mighty warrior in God’s army! Read Ephesians 6:10-19 to see how.

Day 3 – THE SOURCE (#00af85 BKG) (#ffffff Font)

The best person you can have as a friend is Jesus. If you believe He is your Savior, He is always with you because His Spirit lives inside of you. If you have Him by your side, you will do awesome things!

Read John 15:15

How does this verse describe Jesus? Do you treat Jesus as your #1 friend?

How do you spend time with Jesus?


God wants to give you mighty warriors to live life with and to help you every day. They might look a little different than David’s mighty men, but they are just as important. God wants you to have friends who encourage you to grow in your relationship with Him. He wants you to be a friend who helps others to grow and be who God wants them to be.

Read Romans 12:1

What does being surrounded by lots of people who are examples of Christ do for you?

How can godly friends help you to not sin?

Do you have good friends who encourage you? List some qualities of a good, godly friend.

Are you a godly friend to others?


Choosing who you hang out with is so important to how you grow in Jesus. Ask some friends to come over who will encourage you to live like Jesus. Spend time with them and be a good friend to them as well!


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Day 1 –  THE STORY

Asa was another King of Israel. His great, great, granddad was King David. Israel was only supposed to worship God, but they started to worship other idols again. When Asa became king, his first priority was to get rid of all the idols in the land. He did this so Israel wouldn’t be distracted by sin and instead could start following God again.

Read 2 Chronicles 14:1-4

How is King Asa described in the Bible? What are all the things He did as king?

What did he want Israel to do?


Many people say they love the Lord; but just saying you love Him doesn’t really mean that you do. Love is an action. If you love the Lord, you will do what He says. You will want the things that He wants. King Asa was not afraid to do what was right. He loved the Lord and did what God said.

Read 1 Kings 15:11, 14

Did Asa love the Lord?

How did he show it?

Do you love the Lord?

How do you show it?


Idols are something that you worship other than God. Worshipping something is not just a time of singing. If you give something the highest compliment, over one word… that is worship. If you spend time trying to gain the attention of someone, that is worshipping too. Here are some examples:

If you think money is the most important thing and you do everything you can to get more… money is an idol.

If you want to be the most popular and will do anything, no matter if it hurts someone, to be popular… popularity is your idol.

Idols cause you to sin. That is why Asa wanted them out of Israel. He wanted the people to follow God and idols were becoming the source of their disobedience.

Read 1 Corinthians 10:14

What does God tell you to do?

When someone asks you to flee, does that mean walk slowly or get out as fast as you can?

How can you “run” away from the things that keep you from worshipping God?

Is there anything you value more than God? Does your life look like you value God the most?


Asa thought God had more value than any of the other idols, so he got rid of them.

He set his heart and mind on God as being the best and most important.

Read Colossians 3:2

What are some ways you can make God #1 in your life?

Write down why God is important to you and put it somewhere you can see it everyday.

Day 5 – CAUGHT IN THE ACTIt’s time to clean your room. You are going to do it a little differently this time around. Go in your room and get rid of anything that is distracting you from making God #1. Is there music you need to get rid of and delete from your iPod? What about movies that you might be watching? Is there a magazine that makes you think about what you look like all the time? Maybe you need to give away the video game or toy that keeps you from doing what is right. You might be distracted by your computer or your television. Is it time to move them to a room where everyone can see what you are looking at on your computer or television? Whatever it is, it’s time to “flee” from the things that keep you from God!

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Day 1 –  THE STORY

Josiah was also a king of Israel. Josiah was King David’s great (times 14) grandson. He was a good king and did what was right in the eyes of the Lord. He became king when he was a teenager and Israel wasn’t following God like they were supposed to. The temple of the Lord needed to be fixed so Josiah ordered that it be fixed. While they were working on it, a man found the Book of the Law. The Book of the Law was God’s Word and Israel was supposed to be using it to know what to do. They had lost it for years and were not doing anything in the book! Check out what Josiah did when he read the Book of the Law.

Read 2 Kings 22:11-13


Josiah, even though he was the king of God’s people, did not know what God’s Word said. Nobody in his life taught it to him. When he read God’s Word for the first time, He was ashamed that no one had been following what God said. For years, Israel had forgotten God’s Word and lived how they wanted. God needed a good leader to bring them back to it and that is exactly what Josiah did.

Read 2 Kings 23:1-3

What does Josiah promise God that he will do?

What do his people do?

Do you think Josiah was a good leader? Why?


Jesus was a great leader. He spent all of His time with His disciples showing them how to be a great leader.

Read John 13:15

What does Jesus say the disciples should do?

How did Jesus teach them?

Why do you think Jesus was a good leader?

Day 4 – THE MOTIVEJosiah was young but he was a great leader. He led by example and people wanted to follow him. Did you know that you can be a leader?

Read 1 Timothy 4:12

What does this verse tell you to do, no matter how old you are?

If you do these things, how are you a good leader?

What are some ways that you can be an example to others?

Day 5 – CAUGHT IN THE ACTWrite a letter to a leader that you look up to and ask them about what it takes to be a good leader. Send it to them and give them an envelope with your address and a stamp so they can send it back to you! Ask your parents to help you with this.

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Day 1 –  THE STORY

Hezekiah was also a great King of Israel. Israel had stopped celebrating all the things that God had done for them by not worshipping Him the way He had asked. Hezekiah helped Israel start celebrating all the ways God had saved them. Hezekiah prayed when he was threatened by evil kings, and God helped him. Hezekiah also chose to be prideful. When he was sick, he prayed for God to help him. When God did, Hezekiah did not thank Him or give Him the credit. Hezekiah chose to live life his own way and it caused others not to follow God. Check out what happened:

Read 2 Chronicles 32:24-26

What did Hezekiah do wrong?

What did Hezekiah do right?


The truth is that all these great men of the Bible sometimes made mistakes. Hezekiah was a good king but he still sinned. His actions had consequences and it caused the nation of Israel to turn from God. The important part of this story is that Hezekiah repented and turned to God.

Read 2 Chronicles 32:26

What happened when Hezekiah repented?

What did God keep from him and all the people?

What can you learn from Hezekiah?

2 Kings 20:20 tells us that Hezekiah built a tunnel system that allowed water to come into the city of Jerusalem for his people while they were preparing for war. The tunnels that Hezekiah built are still there today! If you go visit Israel, you can walk through them. Ask your mom or dad to Google a picture of Hezekiah’s tunnel to see what it looks like today.


God is always faithful to forgive you when you make a mistake. He knows that you will mess up, and He will be there to help you forgive and fix what you did wrong.

Read 2 Chronicles 7:14

What does God promise you that He will do?

What do you need to do when you sin?


It is really hard to say “I’m sorry” because you have to first admit that you did something wrong. Sometimes, like Hezekiah, we are prideful and don’t want to say “I’m sorry.” Another reason why we don’t say “sorry” is because we are afraid the other person won’t forgive us. God gives you a good reason to get over your pride and He promises to listen and forgive you.

Read Isaiah 44:22

Does God get rid of your sin? Does a cloud or a mist last very long? When they are gone, can you see them anymore? How is a cloud and mist like your sin to God?

What does God ask you to do?

Have you sinned and need to say, “I’m sorry” to God?

Go ahead… say you are sorry… it’s worth it.


When you do something wrong, always turn to God and He will forgive you. God will always forgive you, but He wants you to learn from your mistakes. Think about the last time that you sinned.

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Day 1 –  THE STORYDavid’s 1st son was a man named Solomon. After David died, Solomon became king.

God told Solomon he could ask God for whatever he wanted. See what Solomon asked God for in these verses.

Read 2 Chronicles 1:7-12

What does Solomon ask from God? Why does Solomon ask God for that?

How did God respond?


God gave Solomon wisdom and he became very wise. Read how wise Solomon became.

Read 1 Kings 4:29-34

Who came to listen to Solomon?

Do you think that Solomon’s wisdom was a way to get people around the world to hear about God?


God is the true meaning of wisdom. He is what being wise really means. Solomon was wise because God made him wise. Did you know that God can give you wisdom too?

Read James 1:5

If you need to understand something, who should you go to for help?

Does God give wisdom to just a few people who ask, or anyone who asks?

Do you go to God for help when you need it?


Sometimes, the Bible asks you to “fear” the Lord. This does not mean you need to be afraid of God. The Bible is telling you to think the Lord is the most awesome thing… ever.

Read Proverbs 3:7

What does this verse tell you not to do?

What does this verse ask you to do?

How is God awesome?

List some ways that God is awesome.

How can you become wise by watching Him?


God asked Solomon to build a house for Him called a temple. It was where Israel would go to worship God.


Have you ever had questions for God? Write down those questions and then take the time to ask Him to help you understand the answer. Be patient… God doesn’t always answer things in your timing. Keep praying while you are waiting, and when He gives you wisdom, write down the answer. You can also ask parents and godly friends for help answering some of. your questions

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Day 1 –  THE STORY

God wanted Jonah to go to a city called Nineveh and tell them to change their evil ways. God wanted Nineveh to follow Him, but they were so wicked Jonah didn’t want to go. Instead of doing what God asked him to do, he ran away from Nineveh and got on a boat. While he was on the boat a great storm came. He knew that God brought the storm because of his disobedience. Jonah didn’t want any of the people on the boat to die because of his disobedience, so he asked them to throw him off the boat. They didn’t want to, but the storm was so bad they tossed Jonah over the side of the boat. To make sure Jonah would get back to Nineveh, God made something crazy happen.

Read Jonah 1:11-17

It’s a true story! What happened to the boat when

Jonah got off? What happened to Jonah when he was in the water?


Jonah knew exactly what He did wrong, and He knew that what was going on around him was his fault. Sin is disobeying God. Sin has consequences. Bad things happen when you sin and it can even affect other people. Jonah realized this and decided to get off the boat.

Read Jonah 1:11-17

Have you ever gossiped and it hurt someone?

Have you ever cheated and failed a test because of it?

Have you ever lied and people lost trust in you?

What are other ways sin can create bad things?


God will do some crazy things to get you to obey Him! He loves you and knows that obeying Him is what is best. God used a storm to get Jonah in the water and He used a whale to get him to Nineveh. Could you imagine living in a whale’s belly for three days?

Read Hebrews 12:6

Do you think God was disciplining Jonah? Do you think God loved Jonah?

Did you know God is showing you love when He disciplines you?

Give it a try!

Draw a picture of Jonah and the whale.


God wants you to obey Him! As you read about Him, He will tell you how to obey.

He has placed parents and leaders in your life to guide you and help you follow Him.

Read Ephesians 6:1

Do you obey your parents? How can you obey your parents better?

Did you know that your parents love you when they discipline you?


Go to the grocery store this week with your mom. Stand next to the fish section and smell the fish just a little (If you have a fish market in town ask your mom to take you there). When you know how strong the fish smell is, think about what Jonah smelled every day living in a fish! Let it remind you that it is always better to obey God the first time… He wants you to avoid all fishy situations!

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Day 1 –  THE STORY

Daniel was a young, Israelite boy when Israel was defeated by another country, called Babylon, and taken into captivity. The King of Babylon took Daniel and his friends and made them work for him. The people of Babylon lived differently than the Israelites. God had commanded the Israelites not to eat certain food, but people from Babylon ate those foods. The king wanted Daniel and his friends to disobey God and eat the food. Daniel did not want to disobey God. He wanted to do what was right. See what happened.

Read Daniel 1:8-20

What was the deal Daniel made with the official in Babylon?

Do you think Daniel knew that obeying God would work out for him?

What happened?

Read Daniel Chapter 6. Daniel was ordered by law to stop praying to God, but he continued to pray and worship God. As punishment he was thrown into a lions’ den to be killed. The Bible says that angels shut the mouths of the lions and God saved Daniel because he trusted in Him!


Choosing God’s way is a decision. If you want to do what is right, you have to choose to be the person who does right long before something or someone challenges you to do something wrong. Daniel was not afraid to stand up to do what was right no matter where he was and no matter what it meant for his life.

Read Daniel 1:8

What was Daniel’s decision? How did Daniel obey and trust God in this situation?


God’s ways seem crazy sometimes. Why would He care about what Israel ate? Sometimes we don’t understand why God does something. But if you know Him, it’s easy to trust Him no matter what He asks. God has a reason for everything He does.

Read Isaiah 55:8

What does this verse say about God’s ways?


God made Daniel and his friends stronger than all the people in the king’s service. Because he did what was right, everyone noticed how strong he was, even the king.

Read Luke 11:28

Why is it hard to obey God sometimes?

Were Daniel and his friends blessed because they obeyed?

Do you believe you are blessed if you obey?


What are some ways that God has asked you to obey Him? Have you obeyed?

Decide today if you trust God. Do you trust Him? If your answer is “yes” make your decision today to obey Him, even when no one else does.




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Day 1 –  THE STORY

Elijah was a prophet who told the nation of Israel what God had told him. Israel was back to worshipping idols again and God wanted to show them that He was the one and only God. God used Elijah to have a face-off with the prophets of the idol they called Baal. Elijah told the Baal prophets to get a bull and ready it to sacrifice on the altar, but not to set fire to it. Elijah would do the same thing on a different altar. Then, Elijah challenged them to call upon their “god” and he would pray to God. The one who makes fire come down to the altar is the real God. Read and see what happens.

Read 1 Kings 18:22-39

Was Baal able to bring down fire to the altar?

How long did the prophets try to catch the altar on fire?

What did Elijah have the people do to his altar?

Elijah prayed to God and what happened?

How did the people respond?

DIG DEEPERDraw a picture of this story as a cartoon strip. Read the story again and try to get in as many details as you can!

Day 2 – THE WITNESSESElijah believed that God could do anything. He also believed there was only one God. Elijah’s faith was so big that he trusted God would show up and wanted people to believe in God, too.

Read 1 Kings 18:36-37

Why did Elijah want God to set the altar on fire?

Did Elijah want people to know God or did he want to win the competition?


Elijah didn’t believe that His God was bigger than the other people’s god. He believed that only his God was real. Elijah knew that the “gods” the other people were worshipping didn’t even exist. He believed God is the one and only.

Read 1 Corinthians 8:4-6

Is there only one God?

Is there anyone like God?

How did God prove it in the story of Elijah?


Satan tempted Jesus to worship him and Jesus wanted nothing to do with that. Why? Jesus only worshipped God. God is the only real God.

ReadLuke 4:8

What did Jesus say you are supposed to do?

Do you believe that God is the only real God? Why?


God used Elijah in a crazy way. Did you know that God can use you to show others that He is the one and only God? He won’t ask you to do exactly what Elijah did but people can see God in how you act, how you treat others, your attitude, and how you help others. How can you show someone that God is real?




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Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego

Day 1 –  THE STORY

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were Daniel’s friends who wouldn’t eat the bad food. They were also told to bow down to the image of the king from Babylon. These guys knew God’s Word and knew that God is the only God. They also knew that God had commanded them not to bow down to anything else but Him. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego didn’t want to bow down to the image because they believed God to be the real thing! Look at what happened when they didn’t bow down.

Read Daniel Chapter 3

What was the consequence of not bowing down to the image of the king?

What happened to Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego?


Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego truly believed that God could save them from the blazing furnace.

Read Daniel 3:16-17

Did Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego believe that God could save them?

Do you believe that God can save you?


God’s plan is always to save His people. In the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, God showed us that He has the power to save anyone in any situation. Jesus died on the cross so that you wouldn’t have to pay the price for your sin. He did it for you. All you have to do is believe… just like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego did.

Read Romans 6:23 and Romans 10:9

Do you believe that God loves you so much that He died for your sin? Do you believe He can save you no matter what you have done? If you haven’t told Him you believe, tell Him now!


This week memorize 2 Peter 3:9


God has a big heart and He does not want anyone to pay the price for their sin.

He wants everyone to believe in Him. He will save anyone who believes in Him.

Read 2 Peter 3:9 and memorize.

Does God want people to perish?


Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego showed everyone in Babylon that God can save them. You don’t have to go into a blazing furnace to show people that Jesus saved them. All you have to do is tell someone about Jesus. Is there someone that you can tell about Jesus this week?

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Day 1 –  THE STORY

God’s people were in captivity for 70 years. The temple that God asked His people to build was destroyed by the world. The time had come for God’s people to rebuild it. Zerubbabel is who God asked to travel back to the place where the Jews had first built their temple and rebuild it so that they could worship God again. God was very specific in how He wanted His temple to be built. It had to be done an exact way so the temple could be what it was meant to be… a house of God. The people who lived in the land wanted to help Zerubbabel rebuild the temple. It seemed like they were being nice, but they were actually trying to build the temple their way. This meant they wanted to add their own gods. Zerubbabel said no because he knew he needed to build the temple the way God had instructed. Investigate what happens when he does.

Read Ezra 4:1-4

What did the people try to do to Zerubbabel and the others building the temple?

Have you ever been “picked on” or bullied because you did something that was right?

How did you respond?


It’s easy to give up when someone tries to pull you down, but this didn’t stop Zerubbabel and the Jews.

Read Ezra 6:14-15

What did they do despite everyone trying to pull them down?

What can you learn from Zerubbabel about doing what is right?

What can you learn from Zerubbabel and the Jews about people trying to discourage you?

Did you know the temple that Zerubbabel rebuilt is not there anymore? It was destroyed many years later after Jesus had died. The good news is that you don’t need to go to the temple to worship God. Why? He has a new place that He lives… inside of you. Did you know that you were a temple of God? Read 1 Corinthians 6:19 to find out!


How can you, like Zerubbabel, keep doing what is right no matter how others may respond? The good news is that if you choose to do what is right and are discouraged by others, you are not alone. Jesus was bullied because He chose to do what God asked of Him. People hated Jesus so much that they crucified Him on the cross. They even bullied Him while He was on the cross.

Read 2 Thessalonians 3:3

What was Jesus’ attitude towards the people who were mocking Him?

Did Jesus respond in a hateful way or did He just keep doing what He was doing?

How does Jesus’ example encourage you to stand strong?


Zerubbabel’s motive was to stand strong. Jesus is that ultimate example.

Read 1 Corinthians 16:13

Memorize this verse today. What are some ways you can do what is right no matter what others think or say?


Standing strong is a courageous thing to do these days. It is hard, but it’s worth it. Grab some friends who love Jesus as much as you do and decide together two ways you want to stand strong for the Lord. Help each other keep your goals. Come up with the way you want to stand strong on your own. Here are a few ideas to help you: Choose not to gossip, choose not to lie or cheat, and choose not to listen to music that is junk.



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Day 1 –  THE STORY

Esther was an Israelite girl who became the Queen of Persia. Israel was not a country anymore and the people were captured by another nation with most of the Israelite nation living in Persia. Esther did not tell the king that she was an Israelite, not Persian. Soon after Esther became Queen, there was a man named Haman who hated the Israelites. He asked the King to destroy all of Esther’s people. The people of Israel were devastated but little did they know that Queen Esther was one of them. She could help them by asking the king to say no to what Haman asked. There’s just one problem… In those days, the Queen could not go to the King to ask a question unless he had asked for her. If Esther asked her husband to save her people, she could die.

Read Esther 4:7-17

What was going to happen to the Jews?

What did Mordecai want Esther to do?

Did Esther decide to do it?


Mordecai reminded Esther that she was the Queen for a reason. She was afraid to go to the King. But if she didn’t, she would die along with her people. Esther responded in a big way.

Read Esther 4:14-16

Was Esther willing to die for her people?

What she afraid? What changed her mind?

God used Esther to save her people. She went to the King and he cared for her so much that he didn’t punish her for coming to talk to him without being asked for. The evil man who tried to kill the Jews was punished and God saved His people once again.


Esther was willing to do whatever it took to save her people, even if it meant death.

Jesus knew all along that saving His people would mean that He would have to die.

Read 1 John 3:16

What did God do for us? What should we do for others? Was Esther willing to do this?


God may need you to do something really big for Him and He wants you to be ready to say “yes” just like Esther did. You are in your class, sports team, clubs, and organizations for a reason. There might be someone who needs to know Jesus.

The good news is, God has someone on the inside… you!

Read 2 Timothy 4:2

What does this verse tell you to be ready to do?

How can you get yourself ready for any situation God wants you to do?


Think about how God can use you on your sports teams, organization, or school.

How can you show Jesus to others?

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Day 1 –  THE STORY

Israel had already gone back to rebuild their temple but they didn’t know how to worship God there. They had been away from their land and temple for so long, they forgot what to do. God sent Ezra back to Jerusalem to teach them God’s Word. He was a teacher and knew God’s Word well.

Read Ezra 7:8-10

Why did Ezra know God’s Word so well? Do you know God’s Word better because you have read it this year? Write some things down that you have learned.


Write down your favorite Bible verse.

Why is it your favorite verse in the Bible?


Read Ezra 7:25

What did the king tell Ezra to do?

Where did Ezra’s wisdom come from?


Read Psalm 119:105

How is God’s Word described?

If it’s dark outside and you need to go somewhere, what do you take with you to see where you walk? How is God’s Word like a light as you walk in the dark? Does it show you where to go and what to do?


Reading God’s Word is important. It tells you about God and also tells you how to live for Him.

Read Matthew 4:4

You need food to eat, but what do you need to live? Food makes you grow.

How does God’s Word help you to grow?


You are almost done with this 9 month devotional! You are amazing for making time to do this every day! What are you going to do after you are done to keep reading God’s Word? Make a plan to keep reading through your Bible. Set some goals! Maybe you could read through a specific book of the Bible!

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Day 1 –  THE STORY

Israel had rebuilt their temple and was living back in their land. But they didn’t have a king.

They still had to follow the king of Persia. Nehemiah actually worked for the king of Persia. He had heard that the people were in danger because they had no protection while serving God at the temple. Nehemiah asked the king if He could go back and build walls around the city of Jerusalem, where the temple was built, so that people could safely serve God.

Read Nehemiah 2:17-18

What happened here? Did people help Nehemiah build a wall around the city of Jerusalem?


Nehemiah knew that if the wall was not rebuilt, people would stop worshipping God because they were afraid or they may even join the people trying to stop them from worshipping God. He wanted to protect God’s people from harm but also protect them from following fake gods again. It wasn’t easy to build the walls. There were many people who tried to stop them. They had to build the wall while carrying weapons to protect themselves.

Read Nehemiah 4:16-20

Who did the people believe would fight for them?

Give it a try!

For fun, go outside with your friends and each of you build your own fort. Use cardboard, fabric, scrap wood, sticks, or anything you can find to build your fort. Have a water balloon fight and see whose fort was the strongest. Defend your fort well! This is a little reminder of Nehemiah’s story and how important it is to protect yourself from sin and evil as you follow God!


Read 2 Thessalonians 3:3

Does God want to protect you from the evil one?

Do you believe God can protect you from harm?


Nehemiah knew that God could protect His people, but he also knew that God asked Israel to do everything they could to protect themselves from harm. God will protect you and that is why He asks you to live for Him. Sometimes you have to build walls of protection around your eyes, your ears, and your heart so that you can protect yourself from getting hurt by sin and evil. God will give you the strength to do it and He will give you what you need to build your wall.

Read 2 Timothy 2:22

What should you run from? What should you let in your wall?

Building a wall keeps bad things out. What are some “walls” you can build in your life to keep wordly junk out?


Write down what you learned from the story of Nehemiah.


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